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How to Use Unique Articles and Backlinks to Maximize SEO Results.

The reason article writing is effective for boosting SEO results is you can use so many key words that target your niche. Once you know all the key words, it is a simple task to get them into unique articles again and again. When the unique articles you’ve distributed are picked up by search engines, it will move you higher in the search results when people use your keywords. A good article marketing campaign can easily springboard your website to the top of any web search.

Unique articles work so well for two reasons. The first is back links. By including a link to your web site in every article you post, you create another website that search engines index that now refers to your website. The more places you find to publish your unique articles, be it forums, e-zines, or directories, the better. Each and every back link to your site from one of these sources will further boost your ranking on search engines.

The second is a proliferation of keywords. Not only do your unique articles contain them, but so do those of other people publishing to that site in your niche. With your included link in every publication, you’re just further associating your website with those keywords. This not only helps you with the SEO on your own website, but allows you to direct traffic to your website by piggy backing on the SEO rankings of the sites you submit to.

One of the best thing about unique articles as an SEO tool is their cost. They are dirt cheap. They cost as much effort as you’re willing to spend writing them. If you’re too lazy, or handling too much volume to do it all yourself, you can commission unique articles from writers. Then you just submit your articles to as many publication outfits as you possibly can. There is no shortage of places that accept free unique articles. Anyone can do this, and the only real investment required is time.

Here are some suggestions on ways to really make backlinks work for you.

* Put out press releases. The advantage to using press release sites is they distribute the release to all the major search engines for you. What’s more, if you’re lucky, your unique article might be picked up and published on other blogs, websites, or even the media. All of this is good for your SEO. Just remember, you have to put your URL in your press releases.

* Get to know the people. Regardless of the niche you’re targeting, there’s a forum, chat room, or website that is all about it. Find it, be a participant. Write unique articles, make comments, submit unique content, and always include a link to your website.

* Review things. There’s a place to review anything and everything, and multiple places to review most things. If you’re putting your URL on your unique article, and then submitting to multiple outlets, it is easy to see how your results can snowball.

* Target bigger websites. Let’s be honest, some e-zines, forums, and websites are getting more traffic already. I know I mentioned this one before, but it’s a huge help. If the backlinks you’re creating with your unique content are on websites that already have high search engine rankings, it will further boost your own.

These tips will give a real shot in the arm to the SEO of your website, boosting your search engine rankings faster than you might think. But, they all need one thing; unique content.


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There are some people in the internet marketing industry that try to find sneaky cheap tricks in order to increase sales strategy. They use things like annoying popups, hype in their sales copy, and many other forms of trashy marketing tactics.

While it may be true that having an opt-in list will help you make money from those that do not “buy now”, the fact remains popups are annoying and you could very well lose many sales because of it. I know for a fact there are no test to prove otherwise.

- Why not use good old fashioned marketing to increase your sales strategy instead of those lame cheap marketing tricks ?

- Why not keep your site and sales copy clean of all the clutter and hype while you are at it ?

You can actually have onsite opt-ins and payment buttons that will urge your visitor to signup for your list or buy your product without these
cheap tricks.

Learn more right now on how to increase conversion rates

You will be glad you took the time to look over this fantastic forum because you truly can double your sales without using bad marketing practices.


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Many newbies get confused and have information overload due to the fact that there is no real internet marketing training when it comes to marketing forums. Some forums are full of so much mis-information that it is no wonder so many newbies fail before they even get started.

Then there are many marketing forums that are just plain dead because the admin does not know how to do marketing or newbies are scared to join in fear of they might end up with the same lame forums they was on before.

A real internet marketing forum should be focused on the community as a whole and not focused on adsense ads or how many marketing products the owner can push off to members. Staying focused as a community and working together for a common goal is what a marketing forum should be about.

This is the exact focus I had in mind when creating the Marketers Domination Forums, to have a community of people that want to learn and grow through proper internet marketing training. By staying focused on a common goal we all can help each other and grow not only our strengths but also our business.

If you have been apart of one of those lame marketing forums and found out they was not want you was looking for then why not join our great forum and get your internet marketing training underway the proper way.


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I think most people pretty much understand how forums work but not everyone knows how to get the best results from their threads. By following some simple forum marketing tips you will have a better understanding why some of your threads may not have done much.

Not everyone will reply to your threads but getting those eyeballs to see your thread should be one of your goals. After all you did not sit there for 20 minutes to type this great thread just for nobody to see it, did you ?

It never hurts for you to toss a few bookmarks on your thread to get it a little more exposure and posting it to facebook and twitter is also a great way of getting it seen more by those eyeballs.

You could also even do a pingback to your thread from your blog by posting something similar on your blog. This will help your forum thread you posted and your blog both at the same time.

Read more about article marketing forum strategies.


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It never ends to amaze me about the author recourse box and people complaining about they do not see the clicks that they want. There are several factors involved here why you do not have those higher clicks on your resource box.

First I will cover the fact as I have many times, you must remember those article directories that many submit to have ads all over the place, this distracts your possible visitor/customer that could be going to your website. Some seem to think that the percentage of distracted people is not that high but they are dead wrong.

An article placed on an adsense farm vs being posted on an ad free article directory — The percentages could range from a low 20% to a high 60% that do not click on your link because they see something else shiny and want to know what it is.

This is “normal” human behavior because as humans we do have low attention span, this is not something made up but it is a fact. Some have longer attention spans than others but fact is we all have a limit on that attention. When we see something new and shiny we run towards it and forget about what we was doing.

This is one major reason why your clicks will be less, think about where you are sharing your content. An ad free article directory / web 2.0 site will always out perform a site that is nothing more than an adsense farm.

But — there is another major reason why your clicks are low and this may even be more important than the ads vs no ads reason above. I have seen many articles fall under the below 2 categories because people just are not trained properly enough to know how to effectively create a resource box.

#1 Some will post an article on internet marketing techniques but yet when it comes to their resource box they will try to push some email marketing or list building junk.

#2 Some will post an article about website traffic generation and then in the resource section they will post something like “I have been an affiliate marketer for X years, visit my site”. Honestly nobody cares how long you been online or how long you have been a marketer.

Read more on Formatting Articles.


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Article distribution services is a very important part of article marketing as you want to get your content out there for possible customers to see. Not all these services are the same though, you must be very careful when dealing with these places. Many will claim to submit to hundreds of article directories and hundreds of blogs.

What they don’t tell you is that 90% of those sites get no traffic and are pretty much useless. What good do you think a backlink does on a site that does not get any traffic ? If the site is not marketed at all then your backlinks will just sit on a dead website.

Now if you was to use a real service that actually owns it’s own network that is marketed, then this would be a different story. One such service does exist and this is the only site that offers article distribution services that auto syndicates your articles on over 200+ private network of sites.

That is not all though, you can also social post to many websites and have access to many other tools for marketing.

Learn more right now Article Marketing Services.


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Well I am not blind but many are blind and I am not talking about being physically blind. I do not understand why so many people blindly follow some self proclaimed guru or expert. I have been online for over 25 years and I am still amazed even today how many fools are online.

Just because someone works for a “I am going to take over the world” company does not make them an expert. They are employed by that company to push that and not push the competition.

Just because someone made $50,000 ripping off newbies with junk IM products and services does not make them a guru. It makes them a fool, a liar, and a thief, so why are you following them ??

People need to use the brain that God gave them and realize that not everything is as it seems and not everyone that calls himself a guru really is one.

The fact is if someone says something then you need to take it with a grain of salt and go test it for yourself. That’s right stop being lazy and expect everything to be handed to you, get out there and test it for yourself. Get your own results.

Stop going to forums and saying “well, such and such said this and that” who freaking cares what they said, did you test it ?? what was your results ?? did you really take the time to learn the ins and outs of this method ??

Stop running around being blind and stop blindly following people.


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You can find great internet marketing articles that you can republish on your blogs or website at article marketing services. Using marketing articles in a great way to fill your blog or website with fresh content.

Nothing could be easier than just using the good old fashion copy and paste which is the fastest way to republish others content and making sure you give them credit. It is very important that you give credit to the author and link back to the source.

Ignoring this credit could get you into a great deal of trouble and even cost you your blog or website you put the content on. So make sure you always give credit where credit is due. You are given the opportunity to republish content, don’t abuse it by not given the author the proper respect that they deserve.

At article marketing services you have a very wide range of articles you can choose from to republish on your blog or website. There are 19 different categories to choose from but for most the internet marketing articles is by far the most popular category.

Browse around and see what would fit best with your content and when you are ready all you need to do is click on the publish link on the article and it will take you to the publishers page giving you the article in text or html format.

It will also contain links that you need to use to link back to the article source and giving the author the credit for the article. As I said above this is very important because if you do not link back to the source and the author finds out then a DMCA Take down notice will be issues.

This will be sent to your host which your host by law can not ignore. Your host will give you a choice to either remove the article or link back to the source. If you refuse then your site can and will be shut down.


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How to get more website traffic is something many have asked and continue to ask on a daily basis. Getting more traffic to your website is really not that hard but it can be time consuming or you could hire others to help lesson the work load on you.

Now also understand that there is a world of a difference between traffic to your website and high quality traffic to your website. In order to lure quality visitors to your site(s) you must make sure you have done your preparations.

This means you must make sure you have done proper google keyword research. This is probably the 1 most single most important thing in marketing your site(s). Without proper keywords your site will be dead in the water unless you have endless pockets for PPC Advertising.

Next on your list is making sure you have proper onsite SEO, this is the 2nd most important thing in marketing your site(s). You do not need to buy any junky software such as traffic travis for this either. Onsite SEO is the easiest thing to do in marketing. It is so easy even a hillbilly can do it. Here are some tips…

* Make sure you use meta tags and at a minimum you should have title, description, keywords – Your title and description must include your keywords.
* Make sure you have keywords on your page (do not stuff it with keywords).
* Make sure all pages link to your home page and some pages should cross link with each other.
* All images should be names after your keywords (my_keyword_here.jpg).
* All alt= tags should be filled in with a very very short sentence (3 to 5 words) that should contain your keywords.
* All links should make sure of the title= tag

This is basic seo and trust me it is easy and you do not need to waste time with software to try and analyze your website. It is a pure waste of time! This is time you could spend building your business.

Next you must make sure you have quality content – you can either hire an ultimate freelance writer for you or write your own content. Just make sure you content is of mid quality. Nobody is saying it has to be perfect with all this perfect grammar but it should read well and be formatted nice.

Once you have your keywords all set, seo all set, and your content added then you must decide on how to market
your site. You could always jump start your marketing by using one way links and by syndication your articles using the best article submission service.

Using the above services will help you get started but understand you still must market your site. While you are waiting for your backlinks to kick in from the above you can always submit rss feeds to rss directories and do not forget about submitting your site using the best directory submission service either. Being listed in these directories do help increase your traffic and rankings.

While you have all that going you could spend some time on social media sites building up relationships and of course getting your site noticed. There is a massive amount of traffic that can be obtained from social media sites. It does take time though so do not go running in there spamming these sites. You could expand your internet presence by having your profiles pre-setup for you thus saving you many hours of work. Once setup then just spend a few minutes each day at the sites.

So as you can see there is a great deal involved when you want to learn How to get more website traffic but it is good to know services such as the above exist that can save you many many hours of hard work.

Remember to keep in mind that no business can ever make it on their own, you always need some help in some form or another. By hiring professional proven marketers to handle much of the work load you will be able to see results much faster and those results will be of higher quality.

So if you are pulling your hair out and thinking imgoingbanana then do yourself a favor and hire real marketers that have a proven track record.


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I have to laugh when I hear the words mlm leaders mentioned on forums. It is like mlm leadership makes someone “God” like – just as we hear the word “Guru” in the internet marketing arena.

Before you get confused into thinking these people are something special let’s get a few things straight here. Mlm leaders as they are called is no different than you, they put their pants on one leg at a time.

Leadership has nothing to do with how much money someone has made or how many blind followers some poser has. There is nothing special about mlm leadership, the fact is a leader is a leader no matter what industry they work in.

So before you start slapping titles on people such as mlm leaders understand that they are the same as a leader in any other industry. They may have different skills and different levels of expertise but the bottom line is a leader is a leader no matter how you try to title it.

A leader is someone you should trust and know to at least a certain degree. A leader is someone that is not going to give you the wrong information or hype things up just to sell you something so they can make money.

A leader is someone that is going to lead you on the right path and help you along the way without expecting anything in return. It is someone with strong beliefs in doing things ethically and the right way. They will not lead you down any dark path or convince you to do something illegal or unethical.

Before you go looking for those so called mlm leaders make sure you do your research and make sure it is someone that you have gotten to know and trust. Make sure that you have seen actual proven results and not some made up screenshots of results.


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