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Article marketing has been a very popular form of online advertising for several years now. As with most marketing tactics though there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Many have been taught wrong article marketing over the years because some marketers just wanted to sell some software tool.

Real article marketing has never been about doing auto submissions to 1,000 article directories for backlinks. Although this is how many perceive article marketing due to those so called experts wanting to sell junk software tools or spammy blog networks.

Real article marketing has always been about empowering your website and not a adsense filled article directory. Your articles should not only build links to your site but also flow link juice to your sites. With those adsense filled article directories this was never possible.

With the creation of Marketers Domination article marketing tools site you have the opportunity to do real article marketing. You have the ability to empower your website with your articles because the article directory has no ads which take away link juice.

Marketers Domination has a full suite of article marketing tools to help you grow your business through content marketing. Best of all there is 200+ syndication sites that are all ad free that boost the authority of your articles.

Your article is first placed on the ad free article directory of Marketers Domination. It is then syndicated to hundreds of sites but not the way you think. When posting an article you have the ability to post it with 5 different titles and 5 different summaries.

These titles and summaries are posted on the syndication sites which all link back to your article on Marketers Domination. This increases the power of your articles because no ads are involved and all link juice flows to your article which then flows to your website.

There is also 50+ sites that allow an HTML summary (which can be posted during article submission) and these sites not only link to your article on Marketers Domination but with html being allowed you can add 2 links in your summaries.

This means you are building hundreds of links to your site by posting just 1 article on Marketers Domination ad free article directory. Now I know some may say “but will too many links at once hurt my site” and the answer is an absolute NO! This is a myth started by some marketers to scare others into not building links.

This is only 1 benefit of Marketers Domination, there are many other tools that can do everything from competition research to social posting and from article grading to word analyzing. These are exclusive tools that you will not find anyplace else.

Find out more on real article marketing and what Marketers Domination has to offer. There is no need to have 5 different softwares or 5 different memberships when 1 website does everything for you. Join Marketers Domination Now! and start growing your business.


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This is the continuation of the article marketing myths exposed series. If you have not read the first part then do so now Marketing Myths Exposed Part I before reading the below.

Posting Your Articles To 100 Directories Is Spamming

Those that spread this myth are not only misinformed but they are also foolish. These people not only have no understanding of marketing but they have no understanding of how an online business functions. The fact is you should be posting your article to as many places as possible, you can post the same exact article if you choose to do so. It is your choice if you choose to spin your article before posting it on other websites.

While posting your article keep in mind if you do choose to spin it then there are many benefits that you can reap from this. By spinning your article you have the ability to pick up more publishers that are willing to republish your articles on their blogs. This is only one benefit of having spun articles, but as the above paragraph indicates you should be using a proper spinner tool.

You also want to keep in mind that there are many article directories that are nothing but glorified ad sense websites. These are the type of article directories you would do best to stay clear of and the reason why is because the ad sense could cost you visitors to your website. Many of these glorified ad sense article directories are built for one purpose and that is to get visitors on the article directory to click on ad sense ads. When all these visitors click on these ads they never see your article.

You should be posting to an ad free article directory that gives you link juice and does not steal away your clicks.

You Should Be Posting To Only High PR Websites

This is the type of advice that if you choose to listen to will destroy your business. Just concentrating on high PR websites is a huge mistake because the fact is PR means very little. You should be concentrating on marketing your website on related websites and any other kind of website that has your target audience, even if it is not related. The PR of those websites should be the last thing that you need to concern yourself with.

PR which is also known as page rank is not used by any other search engine other than Google. There are many other search engines that should be a part of your marketing strategies such as Bing and Yahoo. There are many other search engines which should all be a part of your marketing strategies.

Remember PR is Page Rank and not a website rank like many think it is. You may see a site that has a PR 6 but that is only the index of that site. The inner pages of that same site in most cases will be a PR 0 or even unranked. This means when someone claims to be posting on PR 6 website, they are really posting on a PR 0 page.

You Should Post Only On Do Follow Sites

This bad advice and myth has run around for some time now and even till this day you will see marketing forums talk about do follow links. The fact is the no follow attribute was created to mark advertising and affiliate links on a website. This way the search engine knows what type of links these are and they should give them less weight.

Yes I said less weight because the fact is spiders still follow the no follow link and still gives credit. Link juice can still be passed on no follow links even-though those so called experts say it can not. This has been tested and proven by many marketers.

Another thing to remember is that if your site only has do follow links then you are telling the search engines you are trying to manipulate them. There is no website that will only ever get do follow backlinks and only be posted on related websites. Do follow link may hold more weight but the fact is you should be getting links from both and stop worrying about if a site is do follow or not.


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There are many myths that are spread throughout Internet marketing about marketing with articles. These myths are normally started by one of the marketers that tried to sell this product or that product. The problem is once these myths are spread around many newbies get confused and do not know how to do article marketing properly.

Duplicate Content And The Penalty Of Google

Duplicate content penalty is one of the biggest myths that have been spread around. Many are misinformed that if you take an article and post the article on several websites that Google will penalize you for posting those articles on other sites.

This is a complete and total incorrect statement, Google does not and will not penalize any website for doing syndication. Syndication is taking an article (or other content) and republishing that article on many different sites. When you syndicate your articles and have them republished on many different websites they are still indexed by Google and you can very well dominate the entire front page of Google.

Some would have you believe that Google would only index one of your articles, this is a completely false statement. As I have stated you can dominate the entire front page of Google with just one article. There is no duplicate content penalty, this is 100% a myth!

The Posting Of Your Article On Other Sites First

There are many, including article directory owners that will tell you that you must post your article on their directory first. This also is a 100% false statements, remember this is your unique content and there is no one that can tell you what you must do with your content. The fact is you should be posting your unique article on your own website or blog first.

Once you have your article posted on your website or blog then you should be building back links to your website or blog by other means besides article directories. You can build back links to your website or blog through bookmarking, document sharing websites, video upload websites, and web 2.0 properties.

Once you build these back links to your website or blog then you can submit your article to other places. The reason why you were doing this is because you want to keep the authority to your website or blog instead of giving your authority away by posting your unique content on other sites first.

Content Spinners Are Useless Tools In Marketing

This is not only a myth but a downright lie! Although there are some self-proclaimed marketers that has tried to use the false duplicate content penalty to sell useless junkie spinners, this does not mean all content spinners are useless. When using a properly built article spinning tool you can produce very well written and beautifully crafted articles. By using a human controlled spinner you can produce 20+ articles from just one article.

A human controlled spinner is a tool that is fully controlled by the writer. When the writer controls all of the text that goes into the article then you will always have a fully readable article. Some will try to convince you that it takes a long time for you to set up an article to be spun. These people even try to convince you that they can write articles faster without a spinner. This also is not only a myth but another downright lie, you can produce 20+ articles from one article in approximately 2 hours by using the proper spinning tool.


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There is spinning content and then there is spinning garbage. Spinning content has been done long before the internet came along. Many news and media outlets do it till this day, even online media.

Using one of those junk software spinners is not a great idea because you normally do end up with garbage content. There are many that use a fully human controlled spinner though, what that means is all the content written is written by the author. No pre-set database of words, no curly braces with brackets, and no word replace systems.

By using a human controlled article spinner you can get 80%+ in uniqueness and again all words written have been done by the writer. You can see a 100% free to use human controlled article rewriter here – Free Online Article ReWriter. Try it out and you will see what I mean.

By spinning your content with a human controlled spinner you now have the ability to create mini ebooks to give away, creating blog posts, creating pdf’s to upload on sites such as, and many other ways to re-purpose your content.

Spinning articles has nothing to do with changing a few words in your articles. It has nothing to do with replacing words from a pre-set database of words. It certainly has nothing to do with a duplicate content myth. The purpose of spinning articles has been perverted by many marketers over the years just to sell junky software or mass submission service.

Notice I did not mention anything about submitting spun articles to article directories. Learn the best article spinning practices Now!


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Internet User Ask:

how can i develop my internet marketing skill?

Marketing a business online is the same as marketing one offline, you may use different methods but the marketing is still the same. There are certain skills you should posses even if you are going to outsource some of your work.

You always should have a marketing plan with any website / business. This marketing plan is going to require skills in certain areas such bookmarking, social media strategies, article syndication for example. You want to take each skill that is required for your business plan and focus on that one skill and learn as much as possible.

Learning a skill does not mean reading some lame ebook by some self proclaimed guru. It means going out and testing things, learn what you can from ebooks, forum post, marketing blogs and then go out testing what you have learned and see what works best for “YOU”.

Once you have learned one skill then move onto the next and do the same. Again even if you are going to outsource (which you will need to do) it is still best that you learn the skills you are going to outsource. By learning these skills you can relay onto your outsourcers how you want things done.

Once you have learned all the skills in your marketing plan then it is time to put it into action. Never forget to test things along the way because one big part of marketing is testing things for your business. I have a full proven marketing plan on my internet marketing forum but even that states that you should always test things.


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According to a report from The Wall Street Journal on Thursday about Google search changes, Google “will begin spitting out more than a list of blue Web links”. Which means Google may be planning on providing direct answers to search query questions. We have all already seen this being done with the “did you mean . . .” phrase on some search results, so this is really nothing new at all.

What is interesting about this report though is it states that Google’s Amit Singhal and team are bringing semantic understanding to search queries. This could completely change the way search results are shown and how you actually rank in the search engines.

Google will not be replacing it’s keyword search system but rather improving upon it so the search results will reflect upon the understanding of the actual meaning of words being searched for. This could seriously change the SEO game and actually stop many that do try to manipulate the search results.

Read The Entire Story: Google Slaps SEO With Semantic Search System


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One of the most effective strategies to increase your websites search engine rankings is to gain instant backlinks. There are many different things that are going to affect the success of your business. The way your site looks, and the amount of traffic you will receive will play a big part. However, if you site is unorganized, or is full of adverts then your visitors are very likely to hit the back button.

Generally the higher your position in the search engines your site is found, the more traffic your should receive. There are certain things you should do whilst looking for effective ways to market your site without spamming the Internet. Submitting your best content to article sites that have tons of trashy articles with poor information should be avoided as this can actually have a negative effect on your own business.

Finally there is an article marketing website which is making big waves in the marketing world and is growing in strength daily. One of the best things about this site is that there are no adverts shown anywhere on the site. What this means for you is that all of your content is retaining all that link juice and link power, meaning thousands of instant backlinks to everything you submit there. A website run in this way will be a huge help to your business in many different ways.


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One of the best ways to improve your sites ranking in the search engines is with instant backlinks. In order for your business to succeed, there are a few different factors that are going to come into play. The looks of your site as well as the amount of traffic you get play a large role. If your site is cluttered with ads as well as being a little unorganized, obviously people are going to go elsewhere to get what they are looking for.

The higher your site is on search engine result pages can get you more traffic as well. A few things are taken into consideration when you are looking for powerful ways to market your site effectively without spamming others. Submitting your articles to article directories that are loaded with information that is not effective or proven can hurt your business and cause you to fail.

There is finally a great article marketing website that is rapidly growing in popularity, and the best aspect of it is that there are no ads whatsoever on the site. This means you get more link juice which in turn gives you hundreds and thousands of instant backlinks to your content and to your website. Websites such as this are going to help you as well as your business in more than one way.


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Most of us know that instant backlinks are a very important part of getting our websites ranked. However not many truly understand the most effective ways of getting these links without spamming the Internet senseless.

Spamming does nothing to help your business, and will in fact more than likely have the opposite effect. An ad free article directory will ensure you get thousands of instant backlinks which receive all of the link juice because the site does not leak juice to advertisers. Submitting your content to a directory of this nature will have a positive effect on your business and could take you to whole new levels of success. You must learn how to use such a site in the correct manor so you get the best from its tools.


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When you’re looking for an article marketing site, make sure it’s got information on it that’s been proven. You don’t need information that was used years ago, and being a part of a forum that has up to date information that is also factual can be determine by looking at the replies as well as posts and threads by members of the forum.

You can also consider the friendliness of the forum. If members get along and have posted their introductions, you can assume this is going to be the ideal one for you and a good way to associate your business. Forums that are friendly means members are there with you every step of the way. Everyone started at the bottom at some point, and a friendly forum is going to give you the support you need without spamming you.

An article marketing forum that is worth joining is going to be all of the above and much more. A friendly forum means that you are going to get the effective and helpful tips to help learn all you can about marketing and to expand your business. Try your own things as well, and feel free to share your experiences and effective methods with fellow members when they need a helping hand


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