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Marketing metrics are the statistics about your website, such as bounce rates, unique hits and visitor demographics. Measuring your marketing metrics is important to some degree to gain necessary insight to increase your sales and conversion rates. Nevertheless, business is about making money. Therefore, certain metrics are important to evaluate, while other metrics are less significant and require less attention. Recognizing the insignificant data and not obsessing over the small details will reserve your valuable time for more important marketing efforts.

As a business owner or internet marketer your time is valuable. Although analyzing your marketing metrics is essential to visualize the state of your business, performing actual marketing tasks to generate leads, sales and conversions are far more important. In other words, wasting valuable time on insignificant metrics may do more harm to your business than help.

Novice marketers will spend a large percentage of their valuable time attempting to measure every minuscule marketing metric down to the nTH degree. The danger here is they will fail to exercise good business practices in promoting their websites and ultimately ignore the significant factors that will help improve their traffic,conversion rates and lead generation. Focus your efforts are the most significant data and look at those marketing metrics for avenues to improve.

One example of an insignificant marketing metric is the bounce rate on your website. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that landed on your page and then left that page without clicking a link, or visiting any additional pages on your site. A simple explanation of bounce rate is like throwing a rubber ball against a concrete wall, the result; it immediately bounces right off.

Marketers and SEO experts will discuss the importance of bounce rates and analyze how to improve their bounce rate. However, improving the bounce rate may actually become a redundant and counterproductive measure. Let me explain what bounce rate really is so you fully understand. Bounce rate means visitors went to one page and left the site, they followed no links. For example a single page site should have a 100% bounce rate because there are no links to follow.

Now, here is the problem with analyzing your bounce rate and why it is largely an insignificant metric. There are multiple factors involved, behind the REASONS for a bounce, that you obtaining a true bounce rate is largely impossible. The bounce rate (read that, the REASON a visitor left your site) can be skewed by bots, surf exchange hits, bots from bookmarking sites, googlebot, spiders from baidu, web scrapers gleaning your content or emails, and virtually 1,000 other different factors. All of these EVENTS will distort and pervert your true bounce rate.

Instead of expending valuable time and effort wondering how to lower your bounce rate. You should instead focus on the visitors to your website who stayed for a longer time (say, a few minutes) and did not take action. Maybe Jane visited and sat on the page, followed a few links and then left without signing up for your opt-in list or buying something. It is Jane that you want to be focused on and not those that came and left in 10 seconds.

In other words, focus your efforts on learning what the non-bounce visitors did as opposed to the bounce rate itself. This is where the other metrics such as leads and sales come into play. Let’s take Jane for instance, she visited and stayed, we know that, but “why” did she leave without opting in or clicking further links? Did she come to your site through a buying keyword or an information keyword? Find out HOW Jane got there and you can learn from HER behavior!

The non-bouncing visitor is the REAL metric you need to focus on. For example, maybe Jane came to your site for information about how to build blue widgets and NOT where to buy blue widgets. In this case, your usage of an informational keyword has targeted Jane, therefore, she will leave your site when she discovers that your site is about BUYING blue widgets. Choosing the right keyword for the TARGET audience is a discovery you will make when you examine your non-bounce rate visitors.

In conclusion, if you examine the bounce rate and then attempt to GUESS why someone did not stay or click, you will drive yourself insane and waste a lot of valuable time and resources. Study more of what made the visitor stay or click and then repeat that method! After all, the spiders, bots, scrapers, and googlebot is NOT going to stay no matter what! Focus on who is staying and how you can better serve them as a customer!


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Most sites have Rss Feeds that contains the content posted on that site. When you post on your blog it is added to the rss feed, when you post articles on a website they are added to the rss feed, when you bookmark sites the content is added to the rss feed.

Not all rss feeds are the same as some will add the full length of the post while others will only add a snippet of the content. Either way these rss feeds can be very powerful for helping to market your websites.

Rss stands for Really Simple Syndication which is exactly what you are doing when you take your feeds and submit them to rss directories such as The snippets in these feeds then show on these directories which gives your website backlinks.

Each time you post new content on your site these rss directories will be updated instantly. These directories are also useful for obtaining subscribers for your rss feeds. By getting subscribers to your feeds they will be notified by their favorite rss feed reader each time you post new content to your website.

This can help your site grow with additional traffic and rankings. You must be careful with submitting feeds to other sites though because there is a dark side to rss feeds that can do damage to your website. I know every self proclaimed expert says you should submit all your rss feeds to these directories but you would be surprised to know how wrong they really are.

If you are following what these “experts” say then you need to stop and discover how rss feeds can kill your business. The following marketing plan includes a section that explains how deadly it can be to your business by following those so called experts.

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Website traffic is easy to get when you know what you are doing. I have seen many say that they just could not understand how to get traffic and search rankings. Many times people even complain about not getting indexed into Google.

These things are not as hard as you may think. Getting web site traffic and generating targeted traffic is probably one of the easiest things to do in internet marketing. There are many factors involved before you can have your site ready to market though.

These factors are the things that make it hard, but many skip over these methods and they just attempt to go marketing their site before it is ready. You must make sure if you want to generate traffic to your site then you need to have your site ready for those website visitors.

When you build your site or install a blog, your job is far from being done. You must make sure that you have your onsite seo ready and it needs to be done with proper methods. This means you need to ignore half of the so-called seo experts out there as much of the information that they give is out of date.

Doing onsite seo means adding in meta tags, adding in alt tags for images, adding in images that are keyword rich, adding in your title tags for any links that you are going to have. This is not as difficult as it may seem but it is an important step that you must not skip.

Additionally you need to make sure that you have interlinking within your site. This means linking your related post to each other if you are running a blog or linking your related pages to one another if you have a site.

When linking you are not only building additional website traffic to those other pages, but you are helping the search engine spiders help find your other pages. The pages do not have to be fully related but using some related pages is always good.

You need to make sure that you also have a link to the home page on every single page of your site. It is also very helpful to always have a contact us form, terms, privacy, and disclaimer page if needed. These additional pages are looked for by many spiders so it is important that you have them.

Your website visitors also will trust your site more if it has contact forms and privacy and terms. Some traffic that you generate to your site will look for these pages and if they are not found some may leave your site.

When you have these factors then you can take things a step further by making sure each and every page has different meta tags. You need to have the title, description, and keywords meta tags. I realize many will tell you it is useless but this is wrong. Many sites still use meta tag information and it is just as important today as it was 5 years ago.

When creating your post or content for your pages you need to make sure you have the h1 tag in your titles, and also make sure you have keywords in that title. Bing search engine does look for the h1 tag for your titles. Your content or post you make also need to mention your keywords.

Once you have completed this onsite then you are ready for some marketing to start getting website traffic and targeted traffic to your site. There are many methods you can use to build traffic but not all methods are that easy. You want to deal with a system that helps you as much as possible to start building that traffic to your website.


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Internet marketing forums are a dime a dozen. There are so many out there that you never know which ones to choose. fortunately though, not all forums are equal. Some are simply better than others. Some will also offer different tools for you to use within your business.

There are a lot of features and benefits to using a forum, and you need to know which ones are best for you. Today, let’s explore some of the features that you should look at in an internet marketing forum

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Marketing Forum SuccessIf you are working online then you have probably stumbled onto a few of the many internet marketing forums. There are many out there that you can use to build your business. however, not all forums are the same. You need to know how to tell which ones are right for you.

Different forums offer different features and benefits to help you with your business. Take some time and learn all that you can about the different tools that you need to look for in a forum. This will help you to succeed, rather than ripping your hair out in frustration.

Utilize Your Signature File

Make sure the forum you choose allows you to add links to your signature file. Because of all the spammers, some forums no longer allow it. Some internet marketing forums require upgraded elite member accounts to post links and add signatures. Also, find out if you are allowed affiliate links. Different forums have different rules. It is best to link to your own site, and allow people to go to an offer from there.

Fill out Your Profiles

Every forum has profiles that you can fill out. These profiles allow you to tell a little about yourself as well as a link to your site. Most people never take advantage of these profiles. With the link love that you can get from a forum with the search engines, you can build links to your profile and get it ranking highly in search engines for your name.

Then, make sure that you have links to your main website in place. This way you leverage the power of the forums to brand yourself and build your website.

Blogging Power

As technologies advance, the internet marketing forums have to keep up or else they will be left behind. By now, every forum worth it’s weight in gold has set up a blogging feature. This integrates the Web2.0 functionality, and gives you the opportunity to build up your reputation. Take your articles that you are using for building traffic to your site, and post them on your forum blog.

Include links to other blog post, and to your main site, so that you can get more link love for your efforts. With the full weight of the forum behind you, these blogs can get you traffic quickly and easily. This will put your content in front of even more hungry visitors.

As long as you are using well written articles, you can drive traffic to your main site, or (if the forum allows it) directly to your product offer. leveraging the blogs on internet marketing forums is one of the best moves you can make.

Check out All the Cool Toys They Provide

Internet marketing forums are some of the best places to learn marketing strategy development techniques. Take the time to explore all of the options that they give you to build your name, and your business. Too many people waste time with posting, and don’t look at anything else the forum has to offer. Make sure you understand the rules regarding affiliate links, and all the tools available. Don’t waste the golden opportunity sitting right in front of your face any longer.

You have a choice. You can continue to wallow in self-pity, and writhe with jealousy over your competition, or you can rise above the rest of the pack and outshine everyone within your niche. By utilizing the power of the forums, your destiny is in your hands. Get started developing your marketing strategy, and make the most of all the tools that you have available to you today.


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