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Infinity Profit System is a new company that has launched in mid November 2015. Just like many other network marketing and multi-level marketing companies they push the opportunity and about making money online. Many flock to these new companies because of the possibility of making money.

There is no real products or real marketing training involved in these companies as they are based upon money. They all claim to have the best tools and training on the market but they lack the information on their website what their tools are and what the training is about.

Infinity Profit System is no different because their own website lacks a great deal of information and just gives you basic hyped up information. Their website says “Developing your personal brand is essential for the advancement of your business and development as a leader.” but provides no details on how this is accomplished.

Infinity profit system website also states “To remain competitive you need to automate–or someone else will automate you out of business” but yet again no actual real details about anything being automated.

Personally I see nothing special as they give you the same thing most of these companies do – Self replicated website, a blog and a rotator. Problem is that self replicated website will never see any google rankings, the blog will never get top rankings and the rotator may give you a few downline members.

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Affiliate internet marketing is really nothing new and has been popular for many years. Affiliate marketing has changed over the years though as far as how to market products, different affiliate tactics to use, and implementing new internet marketing strategies.

How To Market Affiliate Products

Years ago people used to put up websites and add as many links and banners as possible hoping to grab a sale. Many affiliate marketers that are new to affiliate marketing still do this today. This is not the best approach because the search engines are no longer allowing these banner and link farms to rank.

Recently Google has implemented what is called the Google page layout algorithm which will start to devalue and even de-index sites that are built with too many ads and very little content.

Your best bet is to build an affiliate site that is focused on 1 – 3 products that are all related. Add fresh daily content to the site and market the content through social media, bookmarking, and other internet marketing methods. This content should be very informative and not trying to push selling on the visitors.


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I think most people pretty much understand how forums work but not everyone knows how to get the best results from their threads. By following some simple forum marketing tips you will have a better understanding why some of your threads may not have done much.

Not everyone will reply to your threads but getting those eyeballs to see your thread should be one of your goals. After all you did not sit there for 20 minutes to type this great thread just for nobody to see it, did you ?

It never hurts for you to toss a few bookmarks on your thread to get it a little more exposure and posting it to facebook and twitter is also a great way of getting it seen more by those eyeballs.

You could also even do a pingback to your thread from your blog by posting something similar on your blog. This will help your forum thread you posted and your blog both at the same time.

Read more about article marketing forum strategies.


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Are you looking for a MLM opportunity to start your own business? Looking for mlm may not be the thing you are really wanting but you heard that it is the way to start your own business.

This is not true, getting involved in mlm is not running your own business. It is being a sales rep for another company and nothing more. If you want to start your own business you do not have to get involved in mlm at all.

Matter fact I suggest you don’t get involved because the fact is you can start your own business without mlm. You have many options these days and you are not limited.

You certainly do not have to join some mlm for go looking for mlm and try to convince others to join. Instead of wasting all that time building someone elses business you could build your own.

You can sell affiliate products which does not involve all of the levels, required payment, required downline and all all that junk. You could create your own product, you could build a blog around cpa offers.

You opportunities today are only limited by your own imagination. There is a entire affiliate marketing forum right here to help you get started. Join and post and participate, you will find out in no time how easy it really is to get a business started.

If you are still looking for a MLM opportunity to start your own business? Then stop and start a real business!


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In the online business world, many entrepreneurs get the impression they need internet marketing software to succeed. However, an online business is not much different from an offline business. The same basic rules apply whether you have an internet business or brick and mortar company.

A useful guide to internet marketing is to follow similar strategies and methods that you would if your business were on Main Street USA. There is no secret internet marketing software needed for website promotion. As a matter of fact, the primary website marketing tools an entrepreneur must use online are the same as an offline business. In regards to promoting your website and getting targeted traffic, you must approach your business just as you would if you wanted to promote a business in the brick and mortar world.

For example, if you wanted to advertise your offline business, you might place an ad in the local paper, which could become costly, or better yet, pass out fliers in the local neighborhoods at no cost. In the same respect, the guide to internet marketing strategy is to do basically the same thing. Except the fliers you are distributing are well-written articles. Content, in essence, becomes your advertisement about your internet business. You ‘circulate’ that content through a syndication and article distribution strategy.


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Are you ready to get your website promotion up and running? This article will reveal one of the best ways to promote your website using simple online marketing tools, to get traffic and search engine ranking. You can modify your techniques in promoting your site to include this internet marketing strategy.

First off, internet marketing software is not a necessary tool to promote your website, as you can easily get traffic and ranking without loading up on ineffective software. The best guide to internet marketing is simply to approach your online business in the same manner as any offline business. In other words, the same goals apply, such as getting traffic and converting them into customers. In the same respect your marketing efforts should mimic marketing efforts of an offline business.

The singular best online marketing tools you can use to achieve this goal is through the use of marketing with articles. Your articles will act as a form of advertising for your business. Informing and educating the public about your service or product is achieved with a well written piece of content. Following this guide to internet marketing will produce a steady amount of traffic to your site.

The strategy of article marketing is a three-fold process. The first step is to write quality and informative content, including keywords, proper grammar and spelling as well as structure. Next, apply your online marketing tools, such as a blog and an article directory to post your article. Finally, distribute and syndicate that article through a method of circulation to other sites which strengthen your authority and relevance.


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Have you tried article marketing to promote your website? Many online businesses attempt this strategy and find that it does not work as well as expected. The reason is that you must follow a guide to internet marketing and understand the correct protocols for achieving success with your articles.

While the general consensus seems to require internet marketing software to succeed online, the truth is that you do not need software. What you need to make your articles do the job for you is a simple plan of action that will bring in long term traffic. That plan of action is simple to execute by implementing the following strategy for your content.

The most important website marketing tools you can use is the keywords you choose for your content. Select relevant words and phrases that apply to the content you are writing. In addition, produce high quality content including proper grammar, correct spelling and punctuation to reveal professionalism in your article. Furthermore, keep focused on your content and write one article for one topic in your niche. Rather than trying to cover all of your niche in one article, you should produce several articles on each topic or subject.

The best guide to internet marketing to follow in your quest to build an internet marketing business is to utilize the website marketing tools that will provide a long term profitable income. Proper website promotion is vital to success in any online business, therefore, if you want success, then look at how to best promote your website.


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Obviously you are looking for article marketing software that has the ability to increase website sales, otherwise you would not be reading this article. This article will explain why it is important to apply tested and proven tools to your campaign that will build an income for your business.

You may have been told to use software tools that submits to thousands of article directories or you may have read a forum post that said you should use article marketing tools that does submissions to hundreds of blog networks. You may think articles are just meant to be distributed to adsense filled content farms that give you no link juice.

The truth is what you have been told is wrong. Sure you may see some small results or even lucky enough to see a few sales from those so called marketing tools. The fact is though an article marketing program should be designed to do more than just take an articles and mass syndicate it.

Choosing the right article marketing tools will determine how your business grows and the sales that you generate. You must make sure that the marketing tools you are going to apply to your marketing are really created to get the results you want.

Article promotion software should give you the ability to grade your content, submitting your articles to private networks, submit your content to web 2.0 properties, bookmark your content, and more. Applying tools that are all located in one website will be the most effective at saving you time.


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One major part of internet marketing that many miss is that fact that you should diversify your marketing tactics and methods. Many marketers do mass article submission, bookmarks, and some social post and then move on to the next set of articles and repeat.

Nothing wrong with this but it lacks diversity which is important in internet marketing. I am not talking about adding 100 different marketing methods to your marketing plan. What I am talking about is not balancing things out to look more natural to the search engines.

If for example I publish 100 articles all based on dog training then I look like more of a spammer to the search engines. This is exactly why Google slapped many article sites such as ezine articles. Many of the articles was just massed produced focusing on one subject with no diversity.

Read The Entire Story : Diversify In Internet Marketing


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I was wondering how more people could find out more About Me so I decided to get on my browser and start Tumbling around the internet and social media profiles. I figured I could Multiply my efforts by seeing if there was a place for Friend Feeds to be posted.

Then I thought maybe a Live Journal could help others to know more about what I did for a living. I was so very satisfied with what I have found that I had to Digg up my Twitter account to see if it was starting to get any popularity yet.

When I noticed it started to get some followers I though to myself now that Hit The Spot. I was so happy with the results I have seen thus far and I wanted to take some time to let my friends know about my Facebook account, so I made a bunch of friends request to people I know to finish out my day.

Oh by the way, there is a marketing lesson here.


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