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As our events and shows are all about the vendors, Arts And Crafts Expo has decided to offer free advertising for all paid for and registered vendors.

Get Listed In Our Online Vendor Mall As a commitment to our amazing Las Vegas Vendors we have developed an online mall to list all registered and paid for vendors. Just another benefit of being part of Arts And Crafts Expo shows and events. Our online vendor mall is free of charge and all vendors that have done our shows qualify. The business page that is created for you will remain on the site to give you free advertising even after the shows have been over.

It’s all about the Vendor is our motto here at Arts And Crafts Expo. By developing an online vendor mall for our vendors they will benefit 24 hours a day 7 days a week from our marketing, advertising, and branding. Arts And Crafts Expo has been designed to help Vendors grow and expand their business and this is just one more benefit given to those Vendors that help support our shows and events.

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We Offer More Than Just Another Crafts Show Because It’s All About The Vendors

Exclusive Benefits Nobody Else Offers:

* Lowest Priced Booths In The Industry
* All 2 Day Shows (Saturday & Sunday)
* Longer Show & Event Times 10am – 7pm
* Exclusive Vendor Only Special Gifts
* $700+ Vendor Only Raffles
* Free Business Advice Before The Show
* Easiest & Fastest Load-In Ever
* Free Booth Giveaways
* Complete Social Atmosphere
* Discounted Snack Bar Items

We are the only Arts And Crafts show to have a 20+ year business consultant to help vendors before the show opens.

ArtsAndCraftsExpo Changing The Dynamics Of Events And Show!
It’s All About The Vendors –

Vendor Benefits: LOW COST BOOTHS – $700 Vendor Only Raffles – Longer Event Times – 2 Day Shows Sat & Sun -
Vendor Only Special Gifts – Social Atmosphere – More Attendees
- Discounted Snack Bar Items – Free Business Consultation – Free Booth Giveaways – Fast & Easy Load-Ins
- And So Much More!

arts and crafts shows in las vegas Providing VALUE to our amazing vendors and awesome attendees

Vendor Opportunities:


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