Article writing takes a little more skill than just putting some words together to form a sentence. This is imperative if you want to see results from your articles. High quality and proper spelling along with semantics must exist in your articles.

You must understand that as an article writer you must distinguish yourself from others.If your articles are written like a 3rd grader and do not make sense, then how do you expect to earn money from your written content ? Honestly put yourself in the customers shoes and ask yourself – ‘would I buy after reading this article’.

If your answer was no to the above question then maybe it is time to change your strategy on how you write articles. Instead of relying on old marketing methods why not look into an article distribution service that helps you create better articles.

You could be one of those marketers that was convinced to use article submitter software to submit your articles to 100′s of article directories. You must understand that writing articles below the quality bar and then doing mass submission to useless article sites will do more damage than good for your business.

It is a fact as seen with the panda update that Google will devalue and even de-index content that has been submitted to these so called top article directories that are nothing more than content farms. Don’t listen to my words on this because Matt Cutts from google has released a video stating the exact same thing this article is talking about.

What source do you think is going to tell you the truth, Google or some self proclaimed expert that just wants to sell you junk software ? This is a choice you must make but if you want to see results then it is time to start doing proper article marketing.

If you need to achieve real results with article marketing then apply an article marketing plan that is proven to be effective. Begin using an article marketing strategy that is designed to help you get real results. Apply an article marketing service that has exclusive article marketing tools designed to actually help you get results.

Give up on wondering how other writers see results in article marketing and begin using marketing tools designed to help with article grading, keyword research, competition research along with article submissions to exclusive adsense free networks. Begin applying a marketing system that has all the marketing tools you need located inside one members area with no downloads required.


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