Article marketing is not about just writing words to form a sentence, it requires actual writing skills to some degree. This is especially true if you plan on making money with marketing articles.You must be able to write articles with clarity and proper grammar along with related keywords.

This is an important part that many internet marketers seem to leave out of the equation. If you have articles that sound like a 2nd grader wrote them, how could you expect to make money from your articles ? Ask yourself before publishing any articles – ‘would this article excite me enough to purchase’.

If you answered no then you obviously need to stop using article writing software or learn how to effectively create content. Possibly then it is time for a change and you should consider an article marketing service which was built to help you improve your content.

You could be one of those marketers that was convinced to use article submitter software to submit your articles to 100′s of article directories. It is important that you understand providing poorly written articles for readers and mass submitting them to useless ad filled sites will not give you real results.

You see, recently Google implemented a change in their algorithm in how they rank content and named it the Panda update. After the Panda was implemented, many marketers using article writing software and article submission tools that submitted to all of those below par article directories, experienced tremendous drops in both rankings and traffic. Many marketers follow what Google says on their blog so why not listen to Matt Cutts from google in this video where he explains about content farms being a bad idea.

What source do you think is going to tell you the truth, Google or some self proclaimed expert that just wants to sell you junk software ? This is a choice you must make but if you want to see results then it is time to start doing proper article marketing.

If you want an article marketing campaign that actually gives you results then you need to apply a article marketing plan that is going to be effective. You need to use proven article marketing strategies that have shown results to many other marketers. Apply an article marketing service that has exclusive article marketing tools designed to actually help you get results.

Stop wondering how to do article marketing and start using the marketing tools that help you with niche keyword research, competition research, article grading, article submission to private ad free networks, and more. Begin applying a marketing system that has all the marketing tools you need located inside one members area with no downloads required.


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