Writing articles the proper way for search engines and readers takes time, effort, and writing skills. This is especially true if you plan on making money with marketing articles. High quality and proper spelling along with semantics must exist in your articles.

You must understand that as an article writer you must distinguish yourself from others. If you have written articles that lack quality then do not expect to earn money from your articles ? Review your content and act as if you are the customer, now ask the question to yourself – ‘would this content entice me to buy’.

If you decided to answer the question above as no then it certainly is time to change how you create written articles.Maybe you even want to consider a better article writing service that can provide high quality content.

You could be one of those marketers that was convinced to use article submitter software to submit your articles to 100′s of article directories. It is important that you understand providing poorly written articles for readers and mass submitting them to useless ad filled sites will not give you real results.

You see, recently Google implemented a change in their algorithm in how they rank content and named it the Panda update. After the Panda was implemented, many marketers using article writing software and article submission tools that submitted to all of those below par article directories, experienced tremendous drops in both rankings and traffic.Don’t take my word for this because you can listen to Matt Cutts from google on video discussing this.

Who are you going to trust, a marketer that claims to be an expert and only wants to sell you useless tools or are you going to trust Google. One thing is for sure you must make a decision and understand that decision you make will effect your marketing.

If you need to achieve real results with article marketing then apply an article marketing plan that is proven to be effective. You need to use proven article marketing strategies that have shown results to many other marketers.Use a article distribution services that has article marketing tools that are built to help you see results.

Give up on wondering how other writers see results in article marketing and begin using marketing tools designed to help with article grading, keyword research, competition research along with article submissions to exclusive adsense free networks. Now is the time to start using effective article tools that can be found from one website, one membership and one login.


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