The screams ringing through the forums, blogs and discussion sites over the last 12 months tell the message to newbie’s loud and clear. There is little point continuing to create content to promote your site because article marketing is dead!

To be fair, at first glance this might be so and you can literally hear the thud of laptops being slammed shut and crackle of keyword lists being screwed up and thrown in the bin in disgust.

Article submission services all over the world are shutting down and even the stalwart of article marketing Ezine articles Dot com has lost the great majority of its traffic.

But why did this happen? After all, people were just doing as they were told. Building buyer mentality keyword lists, writing articles based on those keywords, rewriting and spinning those articles to create at least 40% unique content, submitting these spin offs to the top 10 article directories and then sending them off through mass article submission services. It had worked for years, what happened?

All this chaos and commotion is because of a little thing called Panda, the very name of which sends most self described article marketers into a state of irate psychosis and search engine flagellation. Panda is the latest in a long line of Google implementations in an effort to tidy up the content that is shown in their search results.

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