Article marketing is not what it used to be and many should have seen this coming for years. It seems though that many still want to follow these so called expert article marketers. Let’s look at some facts here that these experts can not deny and after reading these facts maybe some will finally understand what true article marketing really is.

Google had a panda update and we all know this, it was not some well hidden secret. With this update they seriously slapped all the so-called top article directories hard. 6 months ago ezine articles had over 1.8 million keywords in Google, today they have less than 400,000.

The same thing has happened to articlesbase, articlesnatch, and others that many claim to be the top article directories. Now ask yourself why did these sites get slapped so hard if they are the top article directories ? This is an easy answer that I should not even have to point out but since many seem to be blind no matter what I will answer it for those.

These sites got slapped because they lack real seo, they have far too many ads on all pages, they have way too many links on articles. These are just a few reasons why as I will not list them all. These reasons alone should tell you that you need to change the course with your article marketing.


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