Effective article writing requires that you posses some writing abilities to create articles that will draw attention. This is imperative if you want to see results from your articles.You must be able to write articles with clarity and proper grammar along with related keywords.

You must understand that as an article writer you must distinguish yourself from others. If you have written articles that lack quality then do not expect to earn money from your articles ? Review your content and act as if you are the customer, now ask the question to yourself – ‘would this content entice me to buy’.

Did you come to the conclusion that your answer would be no ? If you did then you should look into changing the way you write content. Possibly then it is time for a change and you should consider an article marketing service which was built to help you improve your content.

Maybe you are one of the many that was mislead into thinking mass submit to low level adsense filled article directories was the way to do article marketing. You must understand that writing articles below the quality bar and then doing mass submission to useless article sites will do more damage than good for your business.

We have seen with the Panda updates that Google does not want content which has been created and written just for backlinks. They want content which has been crafted with quality for the readers and search engines alike. Don’t believe me because Matt Cutts from google has taken the time to discuss this on video for everyone to learn from.

What source do you think is going to tell you the truth, Google or some self proclaimed expert that just wants to sell you junk software ? This is a choice you must make but if you want to see results then it is time to start doing proper article marketing.

If you want your article marketing to produce results then you need to start using a proven article marketing service that will help you get results. Begin using an article marketing strategy that is designed to help you get real results. Apply an article marketing service that has exclusive article marketing tools designed to actually help you get results.

Forget about how your competition outranks you and start applying article marketing tools that actually do keyword research, mass submissions to private networks, keyword analysis, content grading and social posting. Kickoff your article marketing with proven tools that are all located from one simple login and one membership site.


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