Article marketing is not about just writing words to form a sentence, it requires actual writing skills to some degree. This is imperative if you want to see results from your articles. High quality and proper spelling along with semantics must exist in your articles.

You must understand that as an article writer you must distinguish yourself from others.If your articles are written like a 3rd grader and do not make sense, then how do you expect to earn money from your written content ? Honestly put yourself in the customers shoes and ask yourself – ‘would I buy after reading this article’.

If you decided to answer the question above as no then it certainly is time to change how you create written articles. Perhaps you should re-evaluate your methods and start applying a proven article syndication service that has powerful article tools to help you.

Are you one of those newbies that was told to use article submission tools to mass submit to 1,000 useless article directories. It is important that you understand providing poorly written articles for readers and mass submitting them to useless ad filled sites will not give you real results.

It has been proven with the panda update that search engines such as google does devalue not only poorly written content but they also devalue the backlinks on these article directories that are considered content farms. Many marketers follow what Google says on their blog so why not listen to Matt Cutts from google in this video where he explains about content farms being a bad idea.

Who are you going to trust, a marketer that claims to be an expert and only wants to sell you useless tools or are you going to trust Google. One thing is for sure you must make a decision and understand that decision you make will effect your marketing.

If you want an article marketing campaign that actually gives you results then you need to apply a article marketing plan that is going to be effective. Begin by applying effective article marketing strategies to get those results that you desire to have. Start applying effective article marketing tools through an article syndication system that have been crafted to obtain results.

Stop wondering how to do article marketing and start using the marketing tools that help you with niche keyword research, competition research, article grading, article submission to private ad free networks, and more. Now is the time to start using effective article tools that can be found from one website, one membership and one login.


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