First let’s get to the truth that there is no penalty for duplicate content (amazing how this myth still lives on) as many so called experts would claim. Duplicate content has been proven many times over in the marketing arena to be false as explained by marketers. There is no penalty, Google does have a sup index they add dups in.

It has been shown that you can take over 3 – 4 positions on page 1 of Google using the same exact article. Any dynamic built site ( wordpress, joomla for examples) all have dup content because they have Raw Url’s and SEO url’s, both of which Google does index.

Publishers ask for unique content because they want exclusive content because it helps build them as the authority + a few other reasons.

I personally would never give away my content to be exclusive unless I was seriously getting something out of it. There are many sites that you can syndicate to that are ad free and do not require “exclusive rights”.

I have always suggested my readers and members that they should post their own content to their own website / blog first. It is your content after all so why should you not be using it for your own site first and foremost.


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