There is no doubt that arts and crafts are a favorite for many around the world. From young children to older adults many enjoy creating something from their imagination and skills. Over the years arts and crafts have grown into more than just paper, crayons, and paints. There are crafters that create their own artwork, create handmade jewelry, design homemade decor, and even those that make handmade embroidery gifts. DIY has exploded in the last 5 years or so with artisans crafting or creating not only artistic paintings but also doing wood workings, making homemade candles, developing glass art and more.

arts and crafts fairs las vegas With the explosion of arts and crafts – artisans, home crafters and artists have now created home based businesses and become vendors to sell their crafts. These vendors attend many different arts and crafts fairs, art shows, artisan craft festivals and even trade shows. These arts and crafts fairs and festivals always have a wide range of vendors that include direct sales consultants, multi-level marketing reps, commercial vendors, food vendors as well as artisans. These arts and crafts fairs are an excellent place for local shoppers to attend and purchase just about anything.

In Las Vegas there are always some new arts and crafts fair, festival, or show going on just about every week. These shows have a wide range of home crafters to direct sellers that carry just about any product you want. Some of the shows feature special kids sections for arts and crafts, face painting and even complete kids play areas to make the shows more of a family adventure and not just a place to go shopping.

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