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Your Opt-In Email Solution

optin splash pages Squeeze Mail opt in email software provides the ability to have several optin-in mail list with full management abilities. No MONTHLY fees, no contracts, you OWN the list, the software and have full control! No longer do you have to use aweber, constant contact, icontact or any other email list service. No more high monthly fees for a 3rd party mail list service. You handle all optin list and all mailings directly from your admin panel on your own website.

The Automated Opt-In Email Solution

Send mass email to all list at once or choose to send emails to each list individually. No plugins, No downloads, No Editing html code. You can auto generate your opt-in pages, your opt-in mail list code, and even your thank you pages. All this is accomplsihed directly from your admin panel. Click, Launch and MAIL! easy set up and step by step instructions with 100% support from our team.

The Squeeze Mail software installs neatly right on your host, no need to code, program or difficult learning curve to email all your customers. The Squeeze Mail program is the efficient and cost effective solution for opt in email list building, maintenance, and emailing your customers. Safe and secure right on your own website.

How Does An Email List Work?

One of the most vital aspects of business is having a list of past and potential customers. You must keep in constant contact with your customers to update them on sales, new products and even current or breaking information about your business. Not having an email list is like throwing money away! It is a proven business fact that a list of customers improves business profits and builds confidence because your clients appreciate it when you keep in touch with them.

No Fee Opt In Email Service

No fee, no monthly payment, no overage usage fees, nothing but a one time fee for the email opt in software. Aweber charges a monthly fee, Icontact and Constant Contact charge monthly fees, plus if you go over an allotted number of emails, you may have to pay additional fees. With SqueezeMail, you pay no additional fees and have unlimited usage of the software to email your list every day if you wish! No restrictions in the software. You can build your list as big as you want! Have 15,000? 30,000? or even 100,000? Squeeze mail can handle it all.*

optin splash pages

Splash Opt-In v2.0 Bonus

Splash Opt-In Bonus included with your purchase of Squeeze Mail. Splash Opt-In is 21 beautifully created opt-in pages that can be easily modofied, no coding required. Each template has it’s own style sheet that you can modify to make changes to the opt-in page. Add your own logo and your own product image.

Too many people make the mistake with their opt-in pages of thinking all they need is some text and data boxes. They make their opt-in page almost an afterthought. If you want people who visit your web or sales page to stay interested and excited all through their time with you, from start to finish, Splash Opt-In turns the period at the end of the sentence into an exclamation point!

The Splash Opt-In collection gives you what you need for your opt-in pages to be a top money making performer. The high quality templates will create a web presence that will display a professional image which will earn people’s respect. The Splash Opt-In newsletter forms, which aren’t available anywhere else, will make your optin and signup pages stand out from the rest. Those are two ideas most overlooked by web and sales page owners that are MUSTS for sales, income production and success.

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