I have been online for well over 20 years and still till this day I am amazed at the amount of b.s. that goes around the internet marketing world. What is even more amazing though is how many people actually believe bogus claims. I am not making this post to change your mind or to tell you that you are wrong when you think domain age is a ranking factor.

Actually you can believe what you wish, after all it is your business. If you make money or not with your business does not hurt me one single bit. It only hurts you when you do not take the time to test things for yourself or listen to someone that has already tested and proven something.

The reason why these so called SEO experts spread these myths such as domain age is a ranking factor is because they normally have something to sell you. This may be junky software or the next greatest wordpress SEO plugin or even an ebook.

On the other hand, I have nothing to sell you and I am not pushing anything on you. The fact is domain age has nothing to do with rankings of your website. If it did then all someone would need to do is buy up a large block of aged domain names and dominate any niche.

Seriously use your head and think for yourself when dealing with these so called experts. While the age of a domain name has nothing to do with rankings, the length of time a domain is “INDEXED” in Google does have some weight on rankings. The exact weight it has nobody knows but Google, just having a domain indexed for a long period of time is not going to get you the rankings though.

You must have many of the other factors along with the indexed time. Factors such as quality content, proper on-page SEO, proper off-page SEO, social validation, and etc.


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MD Development Team releases a simple yet very powerful plugin for wordpress that can create instant backlinks and drive viral traffic to your blog. We all know that content is what makes your online business a success. There has been many discussions on how to create quality content but now how do you get that content to go viral ?

Having your content go viral could have a huge impact on your business and your sales. The MD Development Team realizes this and decided to come up with a solution to help you get that viral traffic rolling.

The below link serves 2 purposes:

1. There is a very powerful marketing lesson about magnetic content contained on the following blog post.

2. It gives you the ability to see a live demo of WordPremium Share plugin for wordpress.

Magnetic Content Is Important For Attracting Customers

Read more about this amazing plugin and start getting the viral traffic you deserve.

Or you can purchase Word Premium Share Directly From Here


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There are some people in the internet marketing industry that try to find sneaky cheap tricks in order to increase sales strategy. They use things like annoying popups, hype in their sales copy, and many other forms of trashy marketing tactics.

While it may be true that having an opt-in list will help you make money from those that do not “buy now”, the fact remains popups are annoying and you could very well lose many sales because of it. I know for a fact there are no test to prove otherwise.

- Why not use good old fashioned marketing to increase your sales strategy instead of those lame cheap marketing tricks ?

- Why not keep your site and sales copy clean of all the clutter and hype while you are at it ?

You can actually have onsite opt-ins and payment buttons that will urge your visitor to signup for your list or buy your product without these
cheap tricks.

Learn more right now on how to increase conversion rates

You will be glad you took the time to look over this fantastic forum because you truly can double your sales without using bad marketing practices.


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Well I am not blind but many are blind and I am not talking about being physically blind. I do not understand why so many people blindly follow some self proclaimed guru or expert. I have been online for over 25 years and I am still amazed even today how many fools are online.

Just because someone works for a “I am going to take over the world” company does not make them an expert. They are employed by that company to push that and not push the competition.

Just because someone made $50,000 ripping off newbies with junk IM products and services does not make them a guru. It makes them a fool, a liar, and a thief, so why are you following them ??

People need to use the brain that God gave them and realize that not everything is as it seems and not everyone that calls himself a guru really is one.

The fact is if someone says something then you need to take it with a grain of salt and go test it for yourself. That’s right stop being lazy and expect everything to be handed to you, get out there and test it for yourself. Get your own results.

Stop going to forums and saying “well, such and such said this and that” who freaking cares what they said, did you test it ?? what was your results ?? did you really take the time to learn the ins and outs of this method ??

Stop running around being blind and stop blindly following people.


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Are you looking for a MLM opportunity to start your own business? Looking for mlm may not be the thing you are really wanting but you heard that it is the way to start your own business.

This is not true, getting involved in mlm is not running your own business. It is being a sales rep for another company and nothing more. If you want to start your own business you do not have to get involved in mlm at all.

Matter fact I suggest you don’t get involved because the fact is you can start your own business without mlm. You have many options these days and you are not limited.

You certainly do not have to join some mlm for go looking for mlm and try to convince others to join. Instead of wasting all that time building someone elses business you could build your own.

You can sell affiliate products which does not involve all of the levels, required payment, required downline and all all that junk. You could create your own product, you could build a blog around cpa offers.

You opportunities today are only limited by your own imagination. There is a entire affiliate marketing forum right here to help you get started. Join and post and participate, you will find out in no time how easy it really is to get a business started.

If you are still looking for a MLM opportunity to start your own business? Then stop and start a real business!


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While marketers can’t seem to agree on what is the best article marketing software, today we are going to look at facts and solutions. Applying proper built software tools to your article marketing is only part of the battle. Your content and articles must have quality and be formatted for not only search engines but your readers also.

When using an article marketing program you need to look into what type of benefits that program can help you achieve. Software for mass article submission is a thing of the past and it does not work as many claim. Creating an article that is going to give the search engines what they want is going to be very beneficial for your article marketing.

Combine this with innovated marketing tools and software that have been designed with the author needs in mind will give you results. This has been proven by many marketers that have decided to stop wasting money and time on a program that only submits articles to content farms.

One thing you should understand is that article marketing is far more than just mass syndicating articles to thousands of websites. There is an entire range of marketing tools that you must use for your marketing campaign. Taking article promotion software that has been designed for results and following a proven marketing strategy is where you are going to see great results.


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Article marketing is not what it used to be and many should have seen this coming for years. It seems though that many still want to follow these so called expert article marketers. Let’s look at some facts here that these experts can not deny and after reading these facts maybe some will finally understand what true article marketing really is.

Google had a panda update and we all know this, it was not some well hidden secret. With this update they seriously slapped all the so-called top article directories hard. 6 months ago ezine articles had over 1.8 million keywords in Google, today they have less than 400,000.

The same thing has happened to articlesbase, articlesnatch, and others that many claim to be the top article directories. Now ask yourself why did these sites get slapped so hard if they are the top article directories ? This is an easy answer that I should not even have to point out but since many seem to be blind no matter what I will answer it for those.

These sites got slapped because they lack real seo, they have far too many ads on all pages, they have way too many links on articles. These are just a few reasons why as I will not list them all. These reasons alone should tell you that you need to change the course with your article marketing.


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The best internet marketing tools that are going to help you increase your rankings and search engine positions is what you should be focusing your business on. Everyone knows that 90% of the internet marketing products that are released are rehashed material that has been sold over and over to newbies.

Stop wasting your time on internet marketing tools and programs that do not work. You may see 1 or 2 sales and think the system works when in fact you should have received 20 or 30 sales. This is one way these programs fool you into thinking you are getting results.

You want to deal with marketing tools that are going to actually get you results, that means top google listing and actual results from search engines and other syndicated sites that have your content.

There are many sites out there that distribute your content but the facts are most of them are useless. Why ? because all they do is submit you to adsense filled sites that are not marketed properly. Some sites claim to submit you to thousands of sites but ask yourself this – How many are actually ad free ? How many are actually marketed ?

You see it is not the numbers that matter here but what actual sites you do use. These sites that you distribute your content to should be ad free, marketed properly with internet marketing tools, and be seo’d for real search engine results.

Make the change now and start using properly built internet marketing tools.


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The screams ringing through the forums, blogs and discussion sites over the last 12 months tell the message to newbie’s loud and clear. There is little point continuing to create content to promote your site because article marketing is dead!

To be fair, at first glance this might be so and you can literally hear the thud of laptops being slammed shut and crackle of keyword lists being screwed up and thrown in the bin in disgust.

Article submission services all over the world are shutting down and even the stalwart of article marketing Ezine articles Dot com has lost the great majority of its traffic.

But why did this happen? After all, people were just doing as they were told. Building buyer mentality keyword lists, writing articles based on those keywords, rewriting and spinning those articles to create at least 40% unique content, submitting these spin offs to the top 10 article directories and then sending them off through mass article submission services. It had worked for years, what happened?

All this chaos and commotion is because of a little thing called Panda, the very name of which sends most self described article marketers into a state of irate psychosis and search engine flagellation. Panda is the latest in a long line of Google implementations in an effort to tidy up the content that is shown in their search results.

Read The Entire Story : Is Article Marketing Dead


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Unfortunately many affiliate marketers are not trained properly when it comes to them promoting a product or service. I have seen affiliates run from one product to another when they do not make sales in a few weeks on the product they are selling.

Before running from one affiliate program to another, you should first see if your marketing plan is actually proper. Just because you do not make sales does not mean that the product is bad or it is not in demand. You want to make sure that you have the following affiliate marketing essentials when marketing a product.

* It is imperative that you understand building a website with a bunch of affiliate links and banners plastered all over is NOT what you want to do. This not only looks like a spam site but the search engines will devalue your site and not rank it well.

You must build a site that is niche specific, meaning it can have 2 or 3 products but those products must relate to each other. The best thing you could do is design a site using wordpress for solely 1 product or service. By using wordpress you will be able to add fresh content daily which is what the search engines want.

* Never send your visitors directly to the merchants site. You want to make sure you always have a way for your visitors to opt-in to a mail list so you can keep in contact with them. You can do this by offering a free gift that is related to the product your are selling.

This free gift can be in the form of an ebook, short reports, or something similar. You must make sure your free gift is related to the product you are selling.

* Doing proper keyword research is very important because all your content must be high quality and related to the product you are selling. High quality content means you should have proper grammar, a decent grade level of reading for that content, proper keywords and semantically related words within your content.

By having these 3 essentials you will be on the right path to actually making money from selling products as an affiliate marketer. There is a great deal more to affiliate marketing but the above is imperative to your success in pushing affiliate programs or affiliate products.

An affiliate marketing forum could help answer any questions you may have on marketing, internet marketing or affiliate marketing.


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