Article distribution services is a very important part of article marketing as you want to get your content out there for possible customers to see. Not all these services are the same though, you must be very careful when dealing with these places. Many will claim to submit to hundreds of article directories and hundreds of blogs.

What they don’t tell you is that 90% of those sites get no traffic and are pretty much useless. What good do you think a backlink does on a site that does not get any traffic ? If the site is not marketed at all then your backlinks will just sit on a dead website.

Now if you was to use a real service that actually owns it’s own network that is marketed, then this would be a different story. One such service does exist and this is the only site that offers article distribution services that auto syndicates your articles on over 200+ private network of sites.

That is not all though, you can also social post to many websites and have access to many other tools for marketing.

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Article marketing applied by writing articles that are formatted properly can be very powerful. The article marketer can increase his or her website traffic through article marketing services that are designed for search engine optimization.

Marketing articles is no different than marketing your own website. This is where many get confused about article marketing. You could use article submission sites but are you really getting the results without writing articles properly ?

Think about it you write articles on marketing or some other product or service. You write these articles based on what the general internet marketing crowd says how articles should be written. You may see some sales and think the results are fantastic.

A proven fact is the free article directory is only going to get you so far and with all the ads around your articles, your links are devalued. The link juice that should flow to your site is bled off by these ads. This is only one reason why your results are not what they should be.

Before you waste your time on article marketing services that give minimum results you should look into applying real article marketing to your business. Apply properly built article submission sites along with article marketing tools that have been proven to get results.


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