When you are searching for your article marketing forum try to check that the information on the site is relevant and up to date. You will be able to see how proven the advice is by looking at comments and replies on the threads. Good solid advice will normally be followed by comments made by people that have used the system successfully.

You should also look at the atmosphere on the forum. Is there a good spirit there? On a good forum you will find members get on well and support each other. This is the type of place you want to become involved with. Forums with a good community are normally there to help you grow your business without simply wanting you to buy something from them.

An article marketing forum that is suitable for you and your business will possess all of the above qualities and then some. In an article marketing forum like that you are far more likely to learn some effective marketing strategies, as well as making some fantastic connections along the way. Remember as you become more successful you can also help others by passing on your expertise, and this is when you can really begin to feel successful.


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One of the best and yet overlooked ways to grow your business is by contributing to an article marketing forum. You should only submit content to a forum with quality information and advice on article marketing as you want to be seen to be mingling in the right circles. The knock on effect of this is that you will also pick up some new marketing tactics along the way from an article marketing forum.

You must be aware that you will run into tons of different article marketing forums that are full of nothing but garbage information that people have thrown together from an old ebook in the hope they can get you to buy a product from them, or get you to sign up to their list. You will find many a self-proclaimed guru trying to sell you the next big thing!

You do need to be very careful about the information you pick up on these sub-standard forums as putting old and rehashed information into practice for your business could see you fail very badly. Marketing technology is ever evolving, and there are much more reliable forums rising to the top. If you know what to look for finding the best article marketing forum can be easier than you might think.


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Marketing your website through the use of article marketing tools is the easiest and more effective way to actually market your website. There is no better form of advertising because it is very cost effective. Writing articles is not that difficult but they do need to be written well and have a clear understanding for the readers.

Articles can be written for both search engines and readers alike. As long as you have done your research then you should have little trouble in writing a quality article that will stand up to the search engine requirements and stand out for the readers. Your research should include knowing everything possible about your niche, this is a very important step that you do not want to miss out on.

Articles should be formatted with proper spelling, grammar, and formatted with short paragraphs. While you are writing your article you want to make sure to include related keywords that are based on your main keyword. Having related keywords and phrases is very important for proper quality of an article.

Full Article: The Use Of Article Marketing Tools


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Article marketing has been a very popular form of online advertising for several years now. As with most marketing tactics though there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Many have been taught wrong article marketing over the years because some marketers just wanted to sell some software tool.

Real article marketing has never been about doing auto submissions to 1,000 article directories for backlinks. Although this is how many perceive article marketing due to those so called experts wanting to sell junk software tools or spammy blog networks.

Real article marketing has always been about empowering your website and not a adsense filled article directory. Your articles should not only build links to your site but also flow link juice to your sites. With those adsense filled article directories this was never possible.

With the creation of Marketers Domination article marketing tools site you have the opportunity to do real article marketing. You have the ability to empower your website with your articles because the article directory has no ads which take away link juice.

Marketers Domination has a full suite of article marketing tools to help you grow your business through content marketing. Best of all there is 200+ syndication sites that are all ad free that boost the authority of your articles.

Your article is first placed on the ad free article directory of Marketers Domination. It is then syndicated to hundreds of sites but not the way you think. When posting an article you have the ability to post it with 5 different titles and 5 different summaries.

These titles and summaries are posted on the syndication sites which all link back to your article on Marketers Domination. This increases the power of your articles because no ads are involved and all link juice flows to your article which then flows to your website.

There is also 50+ sites that allow an HTML summary (which can be posted during article submission) and these sites not only link to your article on Marketers Domination but with html being allowed you can add 2 links in your summaries.

This means you are building hundreds of links to your site by posting just 1 article on Marketers Domination ad free article directory. Now I know some may say “but will too many links at once hurt my site” and the answer is an absolute NO! This is a myth started by some marketers to scare others into not building links.

This is only 1 benefit of Marketers Domination, there are many other tools that can do everything from competition research to social posting and from article grading to word analyzing. These are exclusive tools that you will not find anyplace else.

Find out more on real article marketing and what Marketers Domination has to offer. There is no need to have 5 different softwares or 5 different memberships when 1 website does everything for you. Join Marketers Domination Now! and start growing your business.


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When you’re looking for an article marketing site, make sure it’s got information on it that’s been proven. You don’t need information that was used years ago, and being a part of a forum that has up to date information that is also factual can be determine by looking at the replies as well as posts and threads by members of the forum.

You can also consider the friendliness of the forum. If members get along and have posted their introductions, you can assume this is going to be the ideal one for you and a good way to associate your business. Forums that are friendly means members are there with you every step of the way. Everyone started at the bottom at some point, and a friendly forum is going to give you the support you need without spamming you.

An article marketing forum that is worth joining is going to be all of the above and much more. A friendly forum means that you are going to get the effective and helpful tips to help learn all you can about marketing and to expand your business. Try your own things as well, and feel free to share your experiences and effective methods with fellow members when they need a helping hand


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Many newbies get confused and have information overload due to the fact that there is no real internet marketing training when it comes to marketing forums. Some forums are full of so much mis-information that it is no wonder so many newbies fail before they even get started.

Then there are many marketing forums that are just plain dead because the admin does not know how to do marketing or newbies are scared to join in fear of they might end up with the same lame forums they was on before.

A real internet marketing forum should be focused on the community as a whole and not focused on adsense ads or how many marketing products the owner can push off to members. Staying focused as a community and working together for a common goal is what a marketing forum should be about.

This is the exact focus I had in mind when creating the Marketers Domination Forums, to have a community of people that want to learn and grow through proper internet marketing training. By staying focused on a common goal we all can help each other and grow not only our strengths but also our business.

If you have been apart of one of those lame marketing forums and found out they was not want you was looking for then why not join our great forum and get your internet marketing training underway the proper way.


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Article distribution services is a very important part of article marketing as you want to get your content out there for possible customers to see. Not all these services are the same though, you must be very careful when dealing with these places. Many will claim to submit to hundreds of article directories and hundreds of blogs.

What they don’t tell you is that 90% of those sites get no traffic and are pretty much useless. What good do you think a backlink does on a site that does not get any traffic ? If the site is not marketed at all then your backlinks will just sit on a dead website.

Now if you was to use a real service that actually owns it’s own network that is marketed, then this would be a different story. One such service does exist and this is the only site that offers article distribution services that auto syndicates your articles on over 200+ private network of sites.

That is not all though, you can also social post to many websites and have access to many other tools for marketing.

Learn more right now Article Marketing Services.


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You can find great internet marketing articles that you can republish on your blogs or website at article marketing services. Using marketing articles in a great way to fill your blog or website with fresh content.

Nothing could be easier than just using the good old fashion copy and paste which is the fastest way to republish others content and making sure you give them credit. It is very important that you give credit to the author and link back to the source.

Ignoring this credit could get you into a great deal of trouble and even cost you your blog or website you put the content on. So make sure you always give credit where credit is due. You are given the opportunity to republish content, don’t abuse it by not given the author the proper respect that they deserve.

At article marketing services you have a very wide range of articles you can choose from to republish on your blog or website. There are 19 different categories to choose from but for most the internet marketing articles is by far the most popular category.

Browse around and see what would fit best with your content and when you are ready all you need to do is click on the publish link on the article and it will take you to the publishers page giving you the article in text or html format.

It will also contain links that you need to use to link back to the article source and giving the author the credit for the article. As I said above this is very important because if you do not link back to the source and the author finds out then a DMCA Take down notice will be issues.

This will be sent to your host which your host by law can not ignore. Your host will give you a choice to either remove the article or link back to the source. If you refuse then your site can and will be shut down.


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Article marketing is not what it used to be and many should have seen this coming for years. It seems though that many still want to follow these so called expert article marketers. Let’s look at some facts here that these experts can not deny and after reading these facts maybe some will finally understand what true article marketing really is.

Google had a panda update and we all know this, it was not some well hidden secret. With this update they seriously slapped all the so-called top article directories hard. 6 months ago ezine articles had over 1.8 million keywords in Google, today they have less than 400,000.

The same thing has happened to articlesbase, articlesnatch, and others that many claim to be the top article directories. Now ask yourself why did these sites get slapped so hard if they are the top article directories ? This is an easy answer that I should not even have to point out but since many seem to be blind no matter what I will answer it for those.

These sites got slapped because they lack real seo, they have far too many ads on all pages, they have way too many links on articles. These are just a few reasons why as I will not list them all. These reasons alone should tell you that you need to change the course with your article marketing.


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When using article marketing software you must realize there are many factors involved that those lame software tools do not take into account. An article marketing program should be applied to aid you in your marketing and not hinder it from being effective. marketing software that takes these many factors into account are the tools that you want to be using in your marketing strategy plan.

When you have the ability to include high quality content along with proper formatted structures and search engine quality with article marketing then your articles will see results. You need to have a proper grade level, proper amount of keywords, related words, proper link structures within your articles. This is only part of what the search engines are wanting to see in your content.

Having marketing tools that includes all the above along with other tools that help you achieve your goals is what you should be looking for. Many article marketers are misguided into the mass article submits and never think of how it makes their business really look.


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