A internet user ask:

what should be the minimum number of word for a article?

Is it 100, 200, 300,400?

Anything under 500 is considered a blog post and not an article. You should focus on writing articles that are very informative and reach at least 700 words. One reason why you would want longer articles is because you can re-purpose those articles easier for other uses.

For example an 900 word article gives me the ability to post that article on my site and then split the article into 3 mini articles. I can take these 3 mini articles and post 1 on multiply, 1 on livejournal, and 1 on jamespot. This way these social media sites have similar content but not the same.

I do this for readers and not some duplicate content myth.


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A internet user ask:

I’m thinking of initially writing 10 good quality articles of a word count of about 700-750 words and submit them to 100 article directories allowing me to put 2 backlinks to my website. So if I calculate it mathematically, I get 2 * 100 * 10 = 2000 backlinks with these 10 articles.

The panda update was about more than just quality content, it was about quality websites also. Many of those article directories you are thinking of submitting to got hit hard because they are nothing more than content farms (Matt Cutts on article marketing).

Those article directories that are loaded down with ads, adsense, and massive links all suffered in the SERPS. Ezine articles lost over 1 million keywords in Google because the site does not offer the quality Google is looking for.

Article Marketing is very much alive but you need to rethink your article strategy and make sure your articles are high quality. Your articles must posses proper spelling and grammar, semantically related words, have a proper reading grade level according the Flesch-Kincaid readability test.

Once you have high quality articles then you need to submit to your own site / blog first and then syndicate your articles to websites that are built according to what Google wants. These sites must have proper seo and must have very little ads to 0 ads.

If you follow the above then you will see results but just slapping those content farms with articles hoping for backlinks, you are going to be hugely disappointed. Recently Google has implemented what is called the Google page layout algorithm which will start to devalue and even de-index sites that are built with too many ads and very little content.


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Every single business online does content marketing even if they do not realize it. When you make those simple facebook post you are doing content marketing; when you bookmark your site you are doing content marketing; when you start a thread on a forum you are doing content marketing.

Content is simple put – Written Words

This does not mean every single business online focuses on search engines though but their content must be of high quality to engage with their possible customer. Imagine trying to sell an article writing service and the sales page (which is content) has a grade level of 3 according to the Flesch-Kincaid test for readability. How many people are seriously going to buy the service ?

You see your content matters regardless if you are focused on search engines or not. If you are focused on search engines then that content is a “TOP RANKING FACTOR” and this is especially true for Google. While Google does use over 200 factors in determining the rank of a page / site, the fresh high quality content is on the top of that list of factors.

By high quality I mean, semantics, reading level, grammar, spelling and etc. (ever wonder why Google has these options on advanced search ? well that is why because they use it as part of their 200+ factors for rankings). Don’t take my word for this though because this is posted right on Google’s own blog.


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A internet user ask:

I’ve written an article on my niche that I offered to an ezine publisher. The owner placed it on his article publishing blog, but did not say anything about including the article in the ezine.

The problem here is I posted the article on my blog 2 days ago, it didn’t get indexed by Google, and it’s now indexed by this blog.

So can I still take the article and offer it for syndication to other websites ?

Build a few backlinks to the post on your blog from social media sites. Take the article’s first half (first few paragraphs) and post it on places such as multiply, livejournal, and a few other social sites.

When posting the half article you want to add at the bottom “Read More” and link to the blog post. This will help you in getting your blog post indexed.

You are free to article syndication, after all it is your article. You could rewrite a few sentences if you choose to do so before syndicating it to other places.


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Article marketing is far from dead, doing article marketing the proper way is very much alive and well. Many have it wrong yet they think they are right because they may see a commission or 2.

Article marketing does require – High quality content and properly built sites for syndication. While many article marketers will tell you that ezine articles is the best, I will fully disagree. The problem with article directories such as ezine articles is there are far too many ads and far too many links.

You will never see any link juice from places such as ezine articles. No matter how many marketers try to refute that, it is a proven fact. They have a PR 6 on the “HOME” page, your article is on an unranked page. See the proof on ezine articles losing rankings and traffic.

This is why it is important to syndicate to properly built sites that have proper seo, proper structure, and follows Google’s guidelines. The sites you post on do effect you rankings just as much as the quality of content you produce.

Your content must have proper spelling and grammar, it must have a proper grade level score for your niche, it must have proper semantics and keywords. Your content is given a quality score by search engines.

Wrong article marketing is just writing up some lame 500 word article and slapping it on 1,000 article directories with some lame mass submit software. This is what most actually do and then can not figure out why they make no sales and get no proper rankings.

Duplicate content issue has run around internet marketing for years and I suspect it will continue, no matter how much of a myth it is. You can post your same content on others sites without any fear. It is always best to post that content to your own site first though.

Using proper formatted articles and proper built syndication sites you will see how much alive article marketing really is.

For those that still think those lame article directories that are full of ads and links work, maybe you should look up Google’s Page Layout Algorithm.


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When using article marketing software you must realize there are many factors involved that those lame software tools do not take into account. An article marketing program should be applied to aid you in your marketing and not hinder it from being effective. marketing software that takes these many factors into account are the tools that you want to be using in your marketing strategy plan.

When you have the ability to include high quality content along with proper formatted structures and search engine quality with article marketing then your articles will see results. You need to have a proper grade level, proper amount of keywords, related words, proper link structures within your articles. This is only part of what the search engines are wanting to see in your content.

Having marketing tools that includes all the above along with other tools that help you achieve your goals is what you should be looking for. Many article marketers are misguided into the mass article submits and never think of how it makes their business really look.


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The best internet marketing tools that are going to help you increase your rankings and search engine positions is what you should be focusing your business on. Everyone knows that 90% of the internet marketing products that are released are rehashed material that has been sold over and over to newbies.

Stop wasting your time on internet marketing tools and programs that do not work. You may see 1 or 2 sales and think the system works when in fact you should have received 20 or 30 sales. This is one way these programs fool you into thinking you are getting results.

You want to deal with marketing tools that are going to actually get you results, that means top google listing and actual results from search engines and other syndicated sites that have your content.

There are many sites out there that distribute your content but the facts are most of them are useless. Why ? because all they do is submit you to adsense filled sites that are not marketed properly. Some sites claim to submit you to thousands of sites but ask yourself this – How many are actually ad free ? How many are actually marketed ?

You see it is not the numbers that matter here but what actual sites you do use. These sites that you distribute your content to should be ad free, marketed properly with internet marketing tools, and be seo’d for real search engine results.

Make the change now and start using properly built internet marketing tools.


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Writing articles the proper way for search engines and readers takes time, effort, and writing skills. This is especially true if you plan on making money with marketing articles. High quality and proper spelling along with semantics must exist in your articles.

You must understand that as an article writer you must distinguish yourself from others. If you have written articles that lack quality then do not expect to earn money from your articles ? Review your content and act as if you are the customer, now ask the question to yourself – ‘would this content entice me to buy’.

If you decided to answer the question above as no then it certainly is time to change how you create written articles.Maybe you even want to consider a better article writing service that can provide high quality content.

You could be one of those marketers that was convinced to use article submitter software to submit your articles to 100′s of article directories. It is important that you understand providing poorly written articles for readers and mass submitting them to useless ad filled sites will not give you real results.

You see, recently Google implemented a change in their algorithm in how they rank content and named it the Panda update. After the Panda was implemented, many marketers using article writing software and article submission tools that submitted to all of those below par article directories, experienced tremendous drops in both rankings and traffic.Don’t take my word for this because you can listen to Matt Cutts from google on video discussing this.

Who are you going to trust, a marketer that claims to be an expert and only wants to sell you useless tools or are you going to trust Google. One thing is for sure you must make a decision and understand that decision you make will effect your marketing.

If you need to achieve real results with article marketing then apply an article marketing plan that is proven to be effective. You need to use proven article marketing strategies that have shown results to many other marketers.Use a article distribution services that has article marketing tools that are built to help you see results.

Give up on wondering how other writers see results in article marketing and begin using marketing tools designed to help with article grading, keyword research, competition research along with article submissions to exclusive adsense free networks. Now is the time to start using effective article tools that can be found from one website, one membership and one login.


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Article marketing is not about just writing words to form a sentence, it requires actual writing skills to some degree. Particularly if you desire to create an income using articles. High quality and proper spelling along with semantics must exist in your articles.

There are many marketers that do not take the time to include these fundamental aspects.If your articles are written like a 3rd grader and do not make sense, then how do you expect to earn money from your written content ? Honestly put yourself in the customers shoes and ask yourself – ‘would I buy after reading this article’.

If you decided to answer the question above as no then it certainly is time to change how you create written articles. Instead of relying on old marketing methods why not look into an article distribution service that helps you create better articles.

Maybe you followed one of those self proclaimed experts that claim using article submit software to post to 1,000′s of article directories was how you do article marketing. In order to have an effective article marketing campaign it is imperative that you change your marketing methods and stop submitting articles by means of mass submission software.

It has been proven with the panda update that search engines such as google does devalue not only poorly written content but they also devalue the backlinks on these article directories that are considered content farms. Don’t believe me because Matt Cutts from google has taken the time to discuss this on video for everyone to learn from.

Who are you really going to believe, some marketer that wants to sell you ineffective software or google itself ? The choice is yours but if you want to do effective article marketing then it is time to change the way you have been doing your marketing.

If you want your article marketing to produce results then you need to start using a proven article marketing service that will help you get results. Begin using an article marketing strategy that is designed to help you get real results.Use a article distribution services that has article marketing tools that are built to help you see results.

Stop questioning the proper way to do article marketing and start applying the marketing tools that help you with social posting, keyword and competition research, article analysis, article submissions to privately owned ad free networks. Kickoff your article marketing with proven tools that are all located from one simple login and one membership site.


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If you want an article marketing campaign that actually gives you results then you need to apply a article marketing plan that is going to be effective. Start applying article marketing strategies that have been proven to show amazing results. Use a article distribution services that has article marketing tools that are built to help you see results.

Stop wondering how to do article marketing and start using the marketing tools that help you with niche keyword research, competition research, article grading, article submission to private ad free networks, and more. Start using a proven system that allows you to do all your article marketing from one website with one login.


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