One of the best ways to improve your sites ranking in the search engines is with instant backlinks. In order for your business to succeed, there are a few different factors that are going to come into play. The looks of your site as well as the amount of traffic you get play a large role. If your site is cluttered with ads as well as being a little unorganized, obviously people are going to go elsewhere to get what they are looking for.

The higher your site is on search engine result pages can get you more traffic as well. A few things are taken into consideration when you are looking for powerful ways to market your site effectively without spamming others. Submitting your articles to article directories that are loaded with information that is not effective or proven can hurt your business and cause you to fail.

There is finally a great article marketing website that is rapidly growing in popularity, and the best aspect of it is that there are no ads whatsoever on the site. This means you get more link juice which in turn gives you hundreds and thousands of instant backlinks to your content and to your website. Websites such as this are going to help you as well as your business in more than one way.


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Internet User Asks:

I hired someone to write me some high quality articles, and they are great. Now this have been submitted to the top article directories.

Can someone tell me what my next steps need to be to use this articles for traffic?

What I mean or plan to do is maybe make some video’s of them, or if someone can help me and explain how to make power point presentations that would also be great

Basically what I need is a few steps to follow with this articles, before placing another order, then rinse and repeat.

I hope you posted those articles on your own blog / site first. As for high quality many have a difference of opinion on what high quality is. Your articles should include proper spelling and grammar, semantically related words, and read at a proper grade level that corresponds to your niche, according the Flesch-Kincaid readability test.

You can take your articles and transform them into PDF and post them on assuming they are NOT sales pitchy in any way. If you do not have a PDF creator you can always search for a free a one.

You can take your articles and post the top half (a few paragraphs) to social media sites such as and and other social media websites. Add a read more link and link to your article that is on your site / blog (using your keywords as the anchor text).

Videos I personally use Camtasia and I also use Keynote which is an iWork app for Macintosh computers. I am sure there is something similar to keynote on that will work if you own windows.

This is just the basics, here you can find a full free article marketing plan which also explains exactly what the panda update is.


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A internet user ask:

I have a blog that posts two 500 word articles everyday and currently has 300 articles after 3 months. But now I find I am running out of ideas for articles. Is it ok to bring the scheduled post to something like 1 per week? Is it bad to completely stop in terms of SEO?

I prefer to set my blogs to 1 post per day and I normally set them up about 2 weeks in advance. You could slow down and go to 1 post per day or even 1 post every few days.

Just making blog post though is not exactly going to get you what you want. You need to make sure that you are syndicating your blog post. You must bookmark them and share them with social media websites.

As for SEO – Do not always focus on trying to sell something to your readers. Try to engage with your readers and supply informative post that have no hidden agenda.

There are many things to take into consideration here. If you decide to slow down with the blog post then maybe on the days a post is not made you could post comments on the currently posted blog post.

You can always get new ideas by reading news rss feeds. A great place to do this is by creating an account at NetVibes and selecting a keyword based on your niche. The next screen will show you many feeds from around the web.


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First let’s get to the truth that there is no penalty for duplicate content (amazing how this myth still lives on) as many so called experts would claim. Duplicate content has been proven many times over in the marketing arena to be false as explained by marketers. There is no penalty, Google does have a sup index they add dups in.

It has been shown that you can take over 3 – 4 positions on page 1 of Google using the same exact article. Any dynamic built site ( wordpress, joomla for examples) all have dup content because they have Raw Url’s and SEO url’s, both of which Google does index.

Publishers ask for unique content because they want exclusive content because it helps build them as the authority + a few other reasons.

I personally would never give away my content to be exclusive unless I was seriously getting something out of it. There are many sites that you can syndicate to that are ad free and do not require “exclusive rights”.

I have always suggested my readers and members that they should post their own content to their own website / blog first. It is your content after all so why should you not be using it for your own site first and foremost.


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Choosing article marketing software that has been built and designed to give the search engines exactly what they want has not been possible. Matter fact most of these softwares have been created to do the exact opposite of what the search engines want.

Most software that you find today has been designed to mass submit your articles to 1,000′s of article directories or 1,000′s of blogs. This is not only counter productive but it is far from being true article marketing. The problem here is that these 1,000′s of sites are filled with ads and links and thus are devalued as content farms by the search engines.

Applying a program that the so-called experts tell you that you should use does not always mean it is best for your business. You should be applying marketing tools and software tools to your marketing plan that have been designed to get real results.

article marketing tools that have been created with the search engines and your readers in mind would be the most beneficial to your business. It just happens that in todays market such an application has been created and is used by many. article marketing was designed to empower your website and not designed to just mass submit articles to content farms.

By applying proven article marketing tools to your marketing techniques you will be empowering your website and reaching top rankings in google. Taking an article and improving the readership level along with the quality will help you reach the search rankings you desire.

There is only one article marketing program that actually allows you to not only improve the quality of your articles but also syndicates and distributes your content to highly seo‘d private networks that are all completely ad free. Understand that article marketing is more than just distribution of your content, it also involves proper keywords, proper link structures, and high quality content.

A program that only submits your articles to content farms is not going to be very effective for a long term business. On the other hand article marketing tools that have been created to take your websites to the next level is what you should be using. Article promotion software and tools can only get you so far but applying marketing tools to your content using the proper article marketing software will increase your marketing efforts.


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While marketers can’t seem to agree on what is the best article marketing software, today we are going to look at facts and solutions. Applying proper built software tools to your article marketing is only part of the battle. Your content and articles must have quality and be formatted for not only search engines but your readers also.

When using an article marketing program you need to look into what type of benefits that program can help you achieve. Software for mass article submission is a thing of the past and it does not work as many claim. Creating an article that is going to give the search engines what they want is going to be very beneficial for your article marketing.

Combine this with innovated marketing tools and software that have been designed with the author needs in mind will give you results. This has been proven by many marketers that have decided to stop wasting money and time on a program that only submits articles to content farms.

One thing you should understand is that article marketing is far more than just mass syndicating articles to thousands of websites. There is an entire range of marketing tools that you must use for your marketing campaign. Taking article promotion software that has been designed for results and following a proven marketing strategy is where you are going to see great results.


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Article marketing tools are an important part of marketing your online business. There are many marketing methods that you can apply and should be using when building up your website business. Before these methods become fully effective though you must have quality content when doing your marketing.

This content can be in the form of blog posts, articles, or just a forum post. All of your content matters and must be of high quality for proper search engine listings. Unfortunately this is where many marketers fail and thus their marketing is not effective as it should be.

It is important to do content syndication and distribution of your content, but if it lacks the quality the search engines are looking for then your written content will be devalued. You may think you have quality content, but do you really understand what quality really means?

To determine the quality of written content there are several things that you must take into consideration. This is exactly what many of your readers do and what search engines do. Just as a search engine will not rank poor content, many possible buyers will not purchase from a site full of poor content.

Read More > > Providing Quality Content With Article Marketing Tools


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In recent times article marketing tools has proved a real force in Internet marketing. Thousands of marketers use the submission of articles and content in order to drive traffic and potential business to their sites and offers. Though many article sites have tried in vain to create tools that will help their submitters, none have yet to match the power and success of the tools described below.

Here are just some of the amazing article marketing tools that many successful article marketers are using as we speak to grow and develop their business, whilst helping themselves to many of the top search engine listings.

The Article Distributor Tool

This article tool is a great way to help with sales pages as well as PDF articles, traditional articles, and you can even have them syndicated automatically to well over 140 sites. Additionally, you can comment and post on 40 social sites that are validated and your articles are additionally syndicated to 20 or more social media sites.


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Online marketers all strive for top rankings, but few understand that using article marketing tools can quite easily deliver those results without the use of unethical or underhand techniques. If used correctly these power tools can result in your content being found all across the Internet, as well as being bookmarked on all the major social media sites, and being socially validated through active comments and discussions.

Once the use of internet marketing tools is properly understood they can enhance your business in ways you couldn’t imagine. Massive amounts of backlinks, higher position in the search engines, and more visitors to your websites and offers. All of which could result in more opt-ins and more sales for your venture.


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