A internet user ask:

I know this question has been asked a many times. If I see an article on another website that I really like. Can I create a link to this article on my website with an overview of what the article is about, without the permission of the author or website?

It is always a good idea to link to an authority using part of their own content. Many in marketing get this wrong and think they need links from authority sites. Actually it is the other way around and Google does give credit to those that link to an authority source.

When linking though you need to do it properly and cite the source. To create a proper citation it would look something like this.

Internet, Otis. “Free Internet Access Is A Dream Come True” MarketersDomination :: article marketing, article directory, content syndication, online marketing tools, article distribution. MarketersDomination.com, 01 Jan. 2012. Web. 01 Feb. 2012. http://www.marketersdomination.com/Free_Internet_Access_Is_A_Dream_Come_True-6318