Today I would like to discuss about forum marketing which is a meeting place for open discussions about commercial products and services. To start with, we must first understand that a forum is a public meeting or assembly for open discussion. The communication system that we use for assemblage in today’s internet marketing arena can be very powerful once its proper usage is understood.

marketing your business on a forumTo fully comprehend how powerful a marketing forum can be we must also understand that marketing is the commercial processes involved in promoting, selling and distributing a product or service. Now that we understand the two individual words “forum” “marketing”, we can now get into more specific details on how to best use this type of communication system.

Many are mislead or mis-directed on how powerful a meeting place for open discussion can really be. If used properly, you should have no problems with the commercial market of the sales and distribution of your products or services.

If you are going to use a forum to market your products or services, or in other words your merchandise, then you must take part in that marketing community and participate and share with others. It really is this simple! There are too many that teach you should go by a forum and make a post to “look like” you are trying to participate, however the fact of the matter is that this is the wrong way to market.

Making those one line posts or using copy and paste from other sites are not going to get you any respect and most likely, on monitored forums will just end up getting you banned. There are far better ways for promoting, selling, and distributing your products and services.

The key is really quite simple – Participate and become involved in the open discussions with others. This means learn, share, and grow with other like minded individuals. If you know of a marketing strategy that works, something you actually tested yourself, then feel free to share it with others. If you have learned from another forum thread that discussed a step by step marketing plan, then comment on it and share your obtained results using that marketing method with others.

When you participate in the above mentioned fashions, you not only build relationships, but you also build trust and credibility and become known as a person with integrity and strength of character. You will be more successful in your marketing endeavors when others perceive you as a real caring person as opposed to a programmed robot partaking in less than trustworthy methods, or as a shark swimming the waters of forums and public meeting places only as a personal hunting ground.

I understand that by human nature we are lazy and desire shortcuts, but the truth is that there honestly aren’t any shortcuts that will be beneficial to you. If you want to build a business to make money online then you must work at that business to make it successful. Participating in an open assemblage is a great place to start!


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Internet marketing forums are a dime a dozen. There are so many out there that you never know which ones to choose. fortunately though, not all forums are equal. Some are simply better than others. Some will also offer different tools for you to use within your business.

There are a lot of features and benefits to using a forum, and you need to know which ones are best for you. Today, let’s explore some of the features that you should look at in an internet marketing forum

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Marketing Forum SuccessIf you are working online then you have probably stumbled onto a few of the many internet marketing forums. There are many out there that you can use to build your business. however, not all forums are the same. You need to know how to tell which ones are right for you.

Different forums offer different features and benefits to help you with your business. Take some time and learn all that you can about the different tools that you need to look for in a forum. This will help you to succeed, rather than ripping your hair out in frustration.

Utilize Your Signature File

Make sure the forum you choose allows you to add links to your signature file. Because of all the spammers, some forums no longer allow it. Some internet marketing forums require upgraded elite member accounts to post links and add signatures. Also, find out if you are allowed affiliate links. Different forums have different rules. It is best to link to your own site, and allow people to go to an offer from there.

Fill out Your Profiles

Every forum has profiles that you can fill out. These profiles allow you to tell a little about yourself as well as a link to your site. Most people never take advantage of these profiles. With the link love that you can get from a forum with the search engines, you can build links to your profile and get it ranking highly in search engines for your name.

Then, make sure that you have links to your main website in place. This way you leverage the power of the forums to brand yourself and build your website.

Blogging Power

As technologies advance, the internet marketing forums have to keep up or else they will be left behind. By now, every forum worth it’s weight in gold has set up a blogging feature. This integrates the Web2.0 functionality, and gives you the opportunity to build up your reputation. Take your articles that you are using for building traffic to your site, and post them on your forum blog.

Include links to other blog post, and to your main site, so that you can get more link love for your efforts. With the full weight of the forum behind you, these blogs can get you traffic quickly and easily. This will put your content in front of even more hungry visitors.

As long as you are using well written articles, you can drive traffic to your main site, or (if the forum allows it) directly to your product offer. leveraging the blogs on internet marketing forums is one of the best moves you can make.

Check out All the Cool Toys They Provide

Internet marketing forums are some of the best places to learn marketing strategy development techniques. Take the time to explore all of the options that they give you to build your name, and your business. Too many people waste time with posting, and don’t look at anything else the forum has to offer. Make sure you understand the rules regarding affiliate links, and all the tools available. Don’t waste the golden opportunity sitting right in front of your face any longer.

You have a choice. You can continue to wallow in self-pity, and writhe with jealousy over your competition, or you can rise above the rest of the pack and outshine everyone within your niche. By utilizing the power of the forums, your destiny is in your hands. Get started developing your marketing strategy, and make the most of all the tools that you have available to you today.


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Marketers Domination is going to hold it’s very first forum contest. All are invited to participate in this contest and I encourage those that are not a member to signup now.

There is a wealth of information on the forums about internet marketing, running a business, content marketing and more. Join in and discover, learn, share, and grow with us.

You could get completely free access to the secret marketing strategy forum – You would get access to 8,000+ words of pure marketing along with open discussions and questions that can be asked and answered live. You would also get access to the secret forum that contains many goodies which will increase over time.

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Many newbies get confused and have information overload due to the fact that there is no real internet marketing training when it comes to marketing forums. Some forums are full of so much mis-information that it is no wonder so many newbies fail before they even get started.

Then there are many marketing forums that are just plain dead because the admin does not know how to do marketing or newbies are scared to join in fear of they might end up with the same lame forums they was on before.

A real internet marketing forum should be focused on the community as a whole and not focused on adsense ads or how many marketing products the owner can push off to members. Staying focused as a community and working together for a common goal is what a marketing forum should be about.

This is the exact focus I had in mind when creating the Marketers Domination Forums, to have a community of people that want to learn and grow through proper internet marketing training. By staying focused on a common goal we all can help each other and grow not only our strengths but also our business.

If you have been apart of one of those lame marketing forums and found out they was not want you was looking for then why not join our great forum and get your internet marketing training underway the proper way.


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I think most people pretty much understand how forums work but not everyone knows how to get the best results from their threads. By following some simple forum marketing tips you will have a better understanding why some of your threads may not have done much.

Not everyone will reply to your threads but getting those eyeballs to see your thread should be one of your goals. After all you did not sit there for 20 minutes to type this great thread just for nobody to see it, did you ?

It never hurts for you to toss a few bookmarks on your thread to get it a little more exposure and posting it to facebook and twitter is also a great way of getting it seen more by those eyeballs.

You could also even do a pingback to your thread from your blog by posting something similar on your blog. This will help your forum thread you posted and your blog both at the same time.

Read more about article marketing forum strategies.


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One of the best and yet overlooked ways to grow your business is by contributing to an article marketing forum. You should only submit content to a forum with quality information and advice on article marketing as you want to be seen to be mingling in the right circles. The knock on effect of this is that you will also pick up some new marketing tactics along the way.

You must be aware that you will run into tons of different forums that are full of nothing but garbage information that people have thrown together from an old ebook in the hope they can get you to buy a product from them, or get you to sign up to their list. You will find many a self-proclaimed guru trying to sell you the next big thing!

You do need to be very careful about the information you pick up on these sub-standard forums as putting old and rehashed information into practice for your business could see you fail very badly. Technology marketing is ever evolving, and there are much more reliable forums rising to the top. If you know what to look for finding the best article marketing forum can be easier than you might think.


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If you’re looking for ways to increase and expand your business, submitting content to an article marketing forum may just be the ticket. You should submit your content to one that offers information that has been proven with article marketing. This is also going to help you increase your marketing tactics as well.

Nowadays, you are going to see the hundreds of forums on the Internet that are garbage and offer nothing useful at all to you. They offer advice that’s not even true, and will do nothing to help you grow and expand in the long run. The people you get some of your info from may just be another self proclaimed guru who got their info from an e-book or another source.

You need to watch what information you absorb and apply to your marketing and business because it can either make or break you, especially for information that is old and outdated. Technology marketing is constantly changing, and bigger and better forums are on the rise making their way to the top. Choosing the ideal article marketing forum can be simple, if a few things are kept in mind.


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Learning different marketing strategies and implementing new strategy development is fast becoming the best way to grow and secure your long term business success. Putting new knowledge and tactics into action could see your business grow at a very rapid pace.

Knowing how to discover and learn those new and different marketing strategies is the challenge for many people. How can you run a business, and take time to expand your knowledge? Finding a balance can actually be much easier than you think. It is just a case of coming up with a sensible plan of action.


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The power of network marketing forums is becoming plainly obvious to those involved in all areas of online business. Finally there is a platform that allows you to meet business people from all over the world. People who could become colleagues or even long term customers.

Like any tool in business there are right ways and wrong ways to go about using them. If used correctly then network marketing forums can become a vital part of your marketing strategy. If abused however it can very quickly demolish your reputation, and your business. Come up with an actionable plan and you will be amazed at what you can find inside these magical business havens.


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