If you are looking for proper articles that are high quality content then you are not going to get them for $5. This is where many (and I do mean many) make mistakes in article marketing, they think they can slap out any old trash just for the glorified backlinks.

In the real world this does not happen because your content matters a great deal as does the website you are posting it on. Your content must be of high quality and by that I mean it must have a proper Flesch-Kincaid readability score, it must have proper formatting, it must have proper grammar and spelling. Most importantly it must have proper keywords and semantically related words.

There is no real article writer that is going to give you that for $5. Instead of focusing on buying a ton of articles at $5 a pop, why not buy 10 proper written articles at $15 or $20 each ? Article marketing is not about quantity as many say it is, it is more about quality.

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