How to get more website traffic is something many have asked and continue to ask on a daily basis. Getting more traffic to your website is really not that hard but it can be time consuming or you could hire others to help lesson the work load on you.

Now also understand that there is a world of a difference between traffic to your website and high quality traffic to your website. In order to lure quality visitors to your site(s) you must make sure you have done your preparations.

This means you must make sure you have done proper google keyword research. This is probably the 1 most single most important thing in marketing your site(s). Without proper keywords your site will be dead in the water unless you have endless pockets for PPC Advertising.

Next on your list is making sure you have proper onsite SEO, this is the 2nd most important thing in marketing your site(s). You do not need to buy any junky software such as traffic travis for this either. Onsite SEO is the easiest thing to do in marketing. It is so easy even a hillbilly can do it. Here are some tips…

* Make sure you use meta tags and at a minimum you should have title, description, keywords – Your title and description must include your keywords.
* Make sure you have keywords on your page (do not stuff it with keywords).
* Make sure all pages link to your home page and some pages should cross link with each other.
* All images should be names after your keywords (my_keyword_here.jpg).
* All alt= tags should be filled in with a very very short sentence (3 to 5 words) that should contain your keywords.
* All links should make sure of the title= tag

This is basic seo and trust me it is easy and you do not need to waste time with software to try and analyze your website. It is a pure waste of time! This is time you could spend building your business.

Next you must make sure you have quality content – you can either hire an ultimate freelance writer for you or write your own content. Just make sure you content is of mid quality. Nobody is saying it has to be perfect with all this perfect grammar but it should read well and be formatted nice.

Once you have your keywords all set, seo all set, and your content added then you must decide on how to market
your site. You could always jump start your marketing by using one way links and by syndication your articles using the best article submission service.

Using the above services will help you get started but understand you still must market your site. While you are waiting for your backlinks to kick in from the above you can always submit rss feeds to rss directories and do not forget about submitting your site using the best directory submission service either. Being listed in these directories do help increase your traffic and rankings.

While you have all that going you could spend some time on social media sites building up relationships and of course getting your site noticed. There is a massive amount of traffic that can be obtained from social media sites. It does take time though so do not go running in there spamming these sites. You could expand your internet presence by having your profiles pre-setup for you thus saving you many hours of work. Once setup then just spend a few minutes each day at the sites.

So as you can see there is a great deal involved when you want to learn How to get more website traffic but it is good to know services such as the above exist that can save you many many hours of hard work.

Remember to keep in mind that no business can ever make it on their own, you always need some help in some form or another. By hiring professional proven marketers to handle much of the work load you will be able to see results much faster and those results will be of higher quality.

So if you are pulling your hair out and thinking imgoingbanana then do yourself a favor and hire real marketers that have a proven track record.