Website traffic is easy to get when you know what you are doing. I have seen many say that they just could not understand how to get traffic and search rankings. Many times people even complain about not getting indexed into Google.

These things are not as hard as you may think. Getting web site traffic and generating targeted traffic is probably one of the easiest things to do in internet marketing. There are many factors involved before you can have your site ready to market though.

These factors are the things that make it hard, but many skip over these methods and they just attempt to go marketing their site before it is ready. You must make sure if you want to generate traffic to your site then you need to have your site ready for those website visitors.

When you build your site or install a blog, your job is far from being done. You must make sure that you have your onsite seo ready and it needs to be done with proper methods. This means you need to ignore half of the so-called seo experts out there as much of the information that they give is out of date.

Doing onsite seo means adding in meta tags, adding in alt tags for images, adding in images that are keyword rich, adding in your title tags for any links that you are going to have. This is not as difficult as it may seem but it is an important step that you must not skip.

Additionally you need to make sure that you have interlinking within your site. This means linking your related post to each other if you are running a blog or linking your related pages to one another if you have a site.

When linking you are not only building additional website traffic to those other pages, but you are helping the search engine spiders help find your other pages. The pages do not have to be fully related but using some related pages is always good.

You need to make sure that you also have a link to the home page on every single page of your site. It is also very helpful to always have a contact us form, terms, privacy, and disclaimer page if needed. These additional pages are looked for by many spiders so it is important that you have them.

Your website visitors also will trust your site more if it has contact forms and privacy and terms. Some traffic that you generate to your site will look for these pages and if they are not found some may leave your site.

When you have these factors then you can take things a step further by making sure each and every page has different meta tags. You need to have the title, description, and keywords meta tags. I realize many will tell you it is useless but this is wrong. Many sites still use meta tag information and it is just as important today as it was 5 years ago.

When creating your post or content for your pages you need to make sure you have the h1 tag in your titles, and also make sure you have keywords in that title. Bing search engine does look for the h1 tag for your titles. Your content or post you make also need to mention your keywords.

Once you have completed this onsite then you are ready for some marketing to start getting website traffic and targeted traffic to your site. There are many methods you can use to build traffic but not all methods are that easy. You want to deal with a system that helps you as much as possible to start building that traffic to your website.