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how can i develop my internet marketing skill?

Marketing a business online is the same as marketing one offline, you may use different methods but the marketing is still the same. There are certain skills you should posses even if you are going to outsource some of your work.

You always should have a marketing plan with any website / business. This marketing plan is going to require skills in certain areas such bookmarking, social media strategies, article syndication for example. You want to take each skill that is required for your business plan and focus on that one skill and learn as much as possible.

Learning a skill does not mean reading some lame ebook by some self proclaimed guru. It means going out and testing things, learn what you can from ebooks, forum post, marketing blogs and then go out testing what you have learned and see what works best for “YOU”.

Once you have learned one skill then move onto the next and do the same. Again even if you are going to outsource (which you will need to do) it is still best that you learn the skills you are going to outsource. By learning these skills you can relay onto your outsourcers how you want things done.

Once you have learned all the skills in your marketing plan then it is time to put it into action. Never forget to test things along the way because one big part of marketing is testing things for your business. I have a full proven marketing plan on my internet marketing forum but even that states that you should always test things.


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There are a few qualities that you must have in any business. This includes affiliate marketing, network marketing, Article Marketing, and even internet marketing. Without these qualities you may find it very hard to actually earn an income online and build a business.

* Desire To Learn

All marketers must posses the desire to learn and the willingness to be trained. You may have been online for years but this does not mean you know everything when it comes to marketing online. Marketing changes at a very fast pace these days and you should have that desire to learn new marketing strategies.

You should keep your eyes and ears open and pay close attention to others that have experience on different aspects of marketing. Take in the information that you learn and then test it to see how it works for you. You may have to tweak or change a few things on the methods you learn.

* Invest Time And Effort

You must be willing to invest your time into marketing your business. Just putting up a wordpress blog and plastering it with ads and affiliate links is not going to bring you the results you desire. In order to build a business that will give you a constant income stream you must be willing to put effort into marketing that business.

* Determination And Discipline

To have an affiliate marketing income you will be required to have determination. Not all products will sell and not all advertising you do will work. You must realize this is a part of business and you need that determination not to give up. It could take months before you see your first sale.

Along with determination you need to posses discipline. You should set up a marketing plan and in that plan have certain goals to be reached everyday. Goals would include posting articles, bookmarking your websites, creating new content, and etc.

You will need the discipline to follow your marketing plan that you have setup. No matter what goes on for that day you must stick to your plan for what goals you want to reach for that day.

If you posses at least these qualities you will be on the right path to creating a constant income stream for yourself. Need help staying motivated ? Then visit an internet marketing forum and start asking for motivation help.


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