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Nothing could be easier than just using the good old fashion copy and paste which is the fastest way to republish others content and making sure you give them credit. It is very important that you give credit to the author and link back to the source.

Ignoring this credit could get you into a great deal of trouble and even cost you your blog or website you put the content on. So make sure you always give credit where credit is due. You are given the opportunity to republish content, don’t abuse it by not given the author the proper respect that they deserve.

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It will also contain links that you need to use to link back to the article source and giving the author the credit for the article. As I said above this is very important because if you do not link back to the source and the author finds out then a DMCA Take down notice will be issues.

This will be sent to your host which your host by law can not ignore. Your host will give you a choice to either remove the article or link back to the source. If you refuse then your site can and will be shut down.