Article marketing has been a very popular form of online advertising for several years now. As with most marketing tactics though there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Many have been taught wrong article marketing over the years because some marketers just wanted to sell some software tool.

Real article marketing has never been about doing auto submissions to 1,000 article directories for backlinks. Although this is how many perceive article marketing due to those so called experts wanting to sell junk software tools or spammy blog networks.

Real article marketing has always been about empowering your website and not a adsense filled article directory. Your articles should not only build links to your site but also flow link juice to your sites. With those adsense filled article directories this was never possible.

With the creation of Marketers Domination article marketing tools site you have the opportunity to do real article marketing. You have the ability to empower your website with your articles because the article directory has no ads which take away link juice.

Marketers Domination has a full suite of article marketing tools to help you grow your business through content marketing. Best of all there is 200+ syndication sites that are all ad free that boost the authority of your articles.

Your article is first placed on the ad free article directory of Marketers Domination. It is then syndicated to hundreds of sites but not the way you think. When posting an article you have the ability to post it with 5 different titles and 5 different summaries.

These titles and summaries are posted on the syndication sites which all link back to your article on Marketers Domination. This increases the power of your articles because no ads are involved and all link juice flows to your article which then flows to your website.

There is also 50+ sites that allow an HTML summary (which can be posted during article submission) and these sites not only link to your article on Marketers Domination but with html being allowed you can add 2 links in your summaries.

This means you are building hundreds of links to your site by posting just 1 article on Marketers Domination ad free article directory. Now I know some may say “but will too many links at once hurt my site” and the answer is an absolute NO! This is a myth started by some marketers to scare others into not building links.

This is only 1 benefit of Marketers Domination, there are many other tools that can do everything from competition research to social posting and from article grading to word analyzing. These are exclusive tools that you will not find anyplace else.

Find out more on real article marketing and what Marketers Domination has to offer. There is no need to have 5 different softwares or 5 different memberships when 1 website does everything for you. Join Marketers Domination Now! and start growing your business.