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how can i develop my internet marketing skill?

Marketing a business online is the same as marketing one offline, you may use different methods but the marketing is still the same. There are certain skills you should posses even if you are going to outsource some of your work.

You always should have a marketing plan with any website / business. This marketing plan is going to require skills in certain areas such bookmarking, social media strategies, article syndication for example. You want to take each skill that is required for your business plan and focus on that one skill and learn as much as possible.

Learning a skill does not mean reading some lame ebook by some self proclaimed guru. It means going out and testing things, learn what you can from ebooks, forum post, marketing blogs and then go out testing what you have learned and see what works best for “YOU”.

Once you have learned one skill then move onto the next and do the same. Again even if you are going to outsource (which you will need to do) it is still best that you learn the skills you are going to outsource. By learning these skills you can relay onto your outsourcers how you want things done.

Once you have learned all the skills in your marketing plan then it is time to put it into action. Never forget to test things along the way because one big part of marketing is testing things for your business. I have a full proven marketing plan on my internet marketing forum but even that states that you should always test things.


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There are some people in the internet marketing industry that try to find sneaky cheap tricks in order to increase sales strategy. They use things like annoying popups, hype in their sales copy, and many other forms of trashy marketing tactics.

While it may be true that having an opt-in list will help you make money from those that do not “buy now”, the fact remains popups are annoying and you could very well lose many sales because of it. I know for a fact there are no test to prove otherwise.

- Why not use good old fashioned marketing to increase your sales strategy instead of those lame cheap marketing tricks ?

- Why not keep your site and sales copy clean of all the clutter and hype while you are at it ?

You can actually have onsite opt-ins and payment buttons that will urge your visitor to signup for your list or buy your product without these
cheap tricks.

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