The best internet marketing tools that are going to help you increase your rankings and search engine positions is what you should be focusing your business on. Everyone knows that 90% of the internet marketing products that are released are rehashed material that has been sold over and over to newbies.

Stop wasting your time on internet marketing tools and programs that do not work. You may see 1 or 2 sales and think the system works when in fact you should have received 20 or 30 sales. This is one way these programs fool you into thinking you are getting results.

You want to deal with marketing tools that are going to actually get you results, that means top google listing and actual results from search engines and other syndicated sites that have your content.

There are many sites out there that distribute your content but the facts are most of them are useless. Why ? because all they do is submit you to adsense filled sites that are not marketed properly. Some sites claim to submit you to thousands of sites but ask yourself this – How many are actually ad free ? How many are actually marketed ?

You see it is not the numbers that matter here but what actual sites you do use. These sites that you distribute your content to should be ad free, marketed properly with internet marketing tools, and be seo’d for real search engine results.

Make the change now and start using properly built internet marketing tools.