Many network marketing companies have been around for many years. As with anything though there are also a vast amount of network marketing companies that are new and many popping up all the time.

I have seen people ask others which network marketing company should I join. When in fact these people should not be asking others this, don’t make this same mistake. What you should do is decide what you have a passion for and then narrow down the companies.

Once you have a list of companies then you need to go through each company and make a list of pros and cons. Doing this in a spreadsheet would be very helpful by the way. Once you have a list of pros and cons then it is time to go do a little research.

Search Bing to find out what others are saying about the companies you have decided to research. I say use bing because google’ results can be skewed by backlinks, thus bing is your better search engine to use for this.

Look through the results and see if you find any post on blogs, reviews, and news about the companies. Mark down on your spreadsheet any good vs bad about each company.

Now do not take others word for it, remember you are doing research to help yourself make a decision. So find someone that posted great reviews about the company and start a conversation with them. See if you can communicate with them on a “friend” level.

What this means is – are they trying to convince you to join their program when you mentioned it or are they really trying to have a friendly conversion. You may need to talk to several reps to get the feel for how they are.

What you are looking for is someone that is not pushy on a sales front but friendly and has your best interest at heart and not how much money they can make off you. Build a few relationships with some of these reps.

Go back to your spreadsheet and the companies you could not find anyone willing to build a relationship, mark them off because what you want is someone in your upline that is going to work with you as a team player.

The companies that you have found a good rep in, mark those down. Now you have a full research on the network marketing companies. You can make a decision for yourself what you think is in your best interest.

Choose one for now (you may want to join several) and save the rest. Join in and contact the person you built a relationship with and let them know you decided to join and would like some advice on where and how to start.

This is your best bet at finding and joining network marketing companies that are going to work for you.