Most sites have Rss Feeds that contains the content posted on that site. When you post on your blog it is added to the rss feed, when you post articles on a website they are added to the rss feed, when you bookmark sites the content is added to the rss feed.

Not all rss feeds are the same as some will add the full length of the post while others will only add a snippet of the content. Either way these rss feeds can be very powerful for helping to market your websites.

Rss stands for Really Simple Syndication which is exactly what you are doing when you take your feeds and submit them to rss directories such as The snippets in these feeds then show on these directories which gives your website backlinks.

Each time you post new content on your site these rss directories will be updated instantly. These directories are also useful for obtaining subscribers for your rss feeds. By getting subscribers to your feeds they will be notified by their favorite rss feed reader each time you post new content to your website.

This can help your site grow with additional traffic and rankings. You must be careful with submitting feeds to other sites though because there is a dark side to rss feeds that can do damage to your website. I know every self proclaimed expert says you should submit all your rss feeds to these directories but you would be surprised to know how wrong they really are.

If you are following what these “experts” say then you need to stop and discover how rss feeds can kill your business. The following marketing plan includes a section that explains how deadly it can be to your business by following those so called experts.

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A internet user ask:

I have a blog that posts two 500 word articles everyday and currently has 300 articles after 3 months. But now I find I am running out of ideas for articles. Is it ok to bring the scheduled post to something like 1 per week? Is it bad to completely stop in terms of SEO?

I prefer to set my blogs to 1 post per day and I normally set them up about 2 weeks in advance. You could slow down and go to 1 post per day or even 1 post every few days.

Just making blog post though is not exactly going to get you what you want. You need to make sure that you are syndicating your blog post. You must bookmark them and share them with social media websites.

As for SEO – Do not always focus on trying to sell something to your readers. Try to engage with your readers and supply informative post that have no hidden agenda.

There are many things to take into consideration here. If you decide to slow down with the blog post then maybe on the days a post is not made you could post comments on the currently posted blog post.

You can always get new ideas by reading news rss feeds. A great place to do this is by creating an account at NetVibes and selecting a keyword based on your niche. The next screen will show you many feeds from around the web.


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