Choosing article marketing software that has been built and designed to give the search engines exactly what they want has not been possible. Matter fact most of these softwares have been created to do the exact opposite of what the search engines want.

Most software that you find today has been designed to mass submit your articles to 1,000′s of article directories or 1,000′s of blogs. This is not only counter productive but it is far from being true article marketing. The problem here is that these 1,000′s of sites are filled with ads and links and thus are devalued as content farms by the search engines.

Applying a program that the so-called experts tell you that you should use does not always mean it is best for your business. You should be applying marketing tools and software tools to your marketing plan that have been designed to get real results.

article marketing tools that have been created with the search engines and your readers in mind would be the most beneficial to your business. It just happens that in todays market such an application has been created and is used by many. article marketing was designed to empower your website and not designed to just mass submit articles to content farms.

By applying proven article marketing tools to your marketing techniques you will be empowering your website and reaching top rankings in google. Taking an article and improving the readership level along with the quality will help you reach the search rankings you desire.

There is only one article marketing program that actually allows you to not only improve the quality of your articles but also syndicates and distributes your content to highly seo‘d private networks that are all completely ad free. Understand that article marketing is more than just distribution of your content, it also involves proper keywords, proper link structures, and high quality content.

A program that only submits your articles to content farms is not going to be very effective for a long term business. On the other hand article marketing tools that have been created to take your websites to the next level is what you should be using. Article promotion software and tools can only get you so far but applying marketing tools to your content using the proper article marketing software will increase your marketing efforts.