Internet User Asks:

I hired an SEO expert who completed an analysis on my site and my on page seo is poor. I WAS using SEO Pressor, All-in-one SEO & Yoast and the “validation” comments with these tools say I am fine with on page seo. I rank high with SEO Pressor with every page/post and Yoast is all green and happy. I’m confused.

My question: I am wondering who to trust. The SEO expert says that my keyword titles, H1, H2, etc are poor. I can’t believe that SEO Pressor or Yoast are that far off! If you have used these tools then you know they guide you and even grade you. Moving forward with creating new content…I don’t know that I can trust these tools. Honestly, I didn’t think on page seo was that hard. You make sure your title has the keyword, use title tags, sprinkle keywords, add an alt tag to your pic, make sure my page or post meta stuff has keywords.

Obviously I am not ranking well so I have a problem which is why I hired an expert but how can these tools be SO wrong?

Obviously you have problems to begin with or otherwise you would not have hired an “SEO Expert”. You claim to rank high using a lame wordpress plugin that is over priced (SEO Pressor) but yet no mention of sales that you make. SEO Pressor is SEO based on what the developer “thinks” SEO is and not what SEO really is.

You need to stop trying to take short cuts in business and start doing some manual work. Learn effective on site SEO and do your own testing. Looking for a plugin to do the work for you in a huge mistake and thus why you mention nothing about any sales. It is obvious that you high ranks are for keywords that get little to no monthly searches.

All-In-One-SEO Plugin helps with meta tags while Google XML Sitemaps helps with creating your sitemap and pinging it. These 2 plugins are great and do the job they are designed for. SEO on the other hand is something “YOU” need to do yourself and not rely upon some over priced lame wordpress plugin.

Keyword research needs to be done properly and not using Google keyword tool which is designed for adwords. Marketers Domination has a proper keyword research tool along with many other online marketing tools that can help you.