There is spinning content and then there is spinning garbage. Spinning content has been done long before the internet came along. Many news and media outlets do it till this day, even online media.

Using one of those junk software spinners is not a great idea because you normally do end up with garbage content. There are many that use a fully human controlled spinner though, what that means is all the content written is written by the author. No pre-set database of words, no curly braces with brackets, and no word replace systems.

By using a human controlled article spinner you can get 80%+ in uniqueness and again all words written have been done by the writer. You can see a 100% free to use human controlled article rewriter here – Free Online Article ReWriter. Try it out and you will see what I mean.

By spinning your content with a human controlled spinner you now have the ability to create mini ebooks to give away, creating blog posts, creating pdf’s to upload on sites such as, and many other ways to re-purpose your content.

Spinning articles has nothing to do with changing a few words in your articles. It has nothing to do with replacing words from a pre-set database of words. It certainly has nothing to do with a duplicate content myth. The purpose of spinning articles has been perverted by many marketers over the years just to sell junky software or mass submission service.

Notice I did not mention anything about submitting spun articles to article directories. Learn the best article spinning practices Now!