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I have been online for well over 20 years and still till this day I am amazed at the amount of b.s. that goes around the internet marketing world. What is even more amazing though is how many people actually believe bogus claims. I am not making this post to change your mind or to tell you that you are wrong when you think domain age is a ranking factor.

Actually you can believe what you wish, after all it is your business. If you make money or not with your business does not hurt me one single bit. It only hurts you when you do not take the time to test things for yourself or listen to someone that has already tested and proven something.

The reason why these so called SEO experts spread these myths such as domain age is a ranking factor is because they normally have something to sell you. This may be junky software or the next greatest wordpress SEO plugin or even an ebook.

On the other hand, I have nothing to sell you and I am not pushing anything on you. The fact is domain age has nothing to do with rankings of your website. If it did then all someone would need to do is buy up a large block of aged domain names and dominate any niche.

Seriously use your head and think for yourself when dealing with these so called experts. While the age of a domain name has nothing to do with rankings, the length of time a domain is “INDEXED” in Google does have some weight on rankings. The exact weight it has nobody knows but Google, just having a domain indexed for a long period of time is not going to get you the rankings though.

You must have many of the other factors along with the indexed time. Factors such as quality content, proper on-page SEO, proper off-page SEO, social validation, and etc.


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Marketing metrics are the statistics about your website, such as bounce rates, unique hits and visitor demographics. Measuring your marketing metrics is important to some degree to gain necessary insight to increase your sales and conversion rates. Nevertheless, business is about making money. Therefore, certain metrics are important to evaluate, while other metrics are less significant and require less attention. Recognizing the insignificant data and not obsessing over the small details will reserve your valuable time for more important marketing efforts.

As a business owner or internet marketer your time is valuable. Although analyzing your marketing metrics is essential to visualize the state of your business, performing actual marketing tasks to generate leads, sales and conversions are far more important. In other words, wasting valuable time on insignificant metrics may do more harm to your business than help.

Novice marketers will spend a large percentage of their valuable time attempting to measure every minuscule marketing metric down to the nTH degree. The danger here is they will fail to exercise good business practices in promoting their websites and ultimately ignore the significant factors that will help improve their traffic,conversion rates and lead generation. Focus your efforts are the most significant data and look at those marketing metrics for avenues to improve.

One example of an insignificant marketing metric is the bounce rate on your website. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that landed on your page and then left that page without clicking a link, or visiting any additional pages on your site. A simple explanation of bounce rate is like throwing a rubber ball against a concrete wall, the result; it immediately bounces right off.

Marketers and SEO experts will discuss the importance of bounce rates and analyze how to improve their bounce rate. However, improving the bounce rate may actually become a redundant and counterproductive measure. Let me explain what bounce rate really is so you fully understand. Bounce rate means visitors went to one page and left the site, they followed no links. For example a single page site should have a 100% bounce rate because there are no links to follow.

Now, here is the problem with analyzing your bounce rate and why it is largely an insignificant metric. There are multiple factors involved, behind the REASONS for a bounce, that you obtaining a true bounce rate is largely impossible. The bounce rate (read that, the REASON a visitor left your site) can be skewed by bots, surf exchange hits, bots from bookmarking sites, googlebot, spiders from baidu, web scrapers gleaning your content or emails, and virtually 1,000 other different factors. All of these EVENTS will distort and pervert your true bounce rate.

Instead of expending valuable time and effort wondering how to lower your bounce rate. You should instead focus on the visitors to your website who stayed for a longer time (say, a few minutes) and did not take action. Maybe Jane visited and sat on the page, followed a few links and then left without signing up for your opt-in list or buying something. It is Jane that you want to be focused on and not those that came and left in 10 seconds.

In other words, focus your efforts on learning what the non-bounce visitors did as opposed to the bounce rate itself. This is where the other metrics such as leads and sales come into play. Let’s take Jane for instance, she visited and stayed, we know that, but “why” did she leave without opting in or clicking further links? Did she come to your site through a buying keyword or an information keyword? Find out HOW Jane got there and you can learn from HER behavior!

The non-bouncing visitor is the REAL metric you need to focus on. For example, maybe Jane came to your site for information about how to build blue widgets and NOT where to buy blue widgets. In this case, your usage of an informational keyword has targeted Jane, therefore, she will leave your site when she discovers that your site is about BUYING blue widgets. Choosing the right keyword for the TARGET audience is a discovery you will make when you examine your non-bounce rate visitors.

In conclusion, if you examine the bounce rate and then attempt to GUESS why someone did not stay or click, you will drive yourself insane and waste a lot of valuable time and resources. Study more of what made the visitor stay or click and then repeat that method! After all, the spiders, bots, scrapers, and googlebot is NOT going to stay no matter what! Focus on who is staying and how you can better serve them as a customer!


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According to a report from The Wall Street Journal on Thursday about Google search changes, Google “will begin spitting out more than a list of blue Web links”. Which means Google may be planning on providing direct answers to search query questions. We have all already seen this being done with the “did you mean . . .” phrase on some search results, so this is really nothing new at all.

What is interesting about this report though is it states that Google’s Amit Singhal and team are bringing semantic understanding to search queries. This could completely change the way search results are shown and how you actually rank in the search engines.

Google will not be replacing it’s keyword search system but rather improving upon it so the search results will reflect upon the understanding of the actual meaning of words being searched for. This could seriously change the SEO game and actually stop many that do try to manipulate the search results.

Read The Entire Story: Google Slaps SEO With Semantic Search System


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Internet User Asks:

I hired an SEO expert who completed an analysis on my site and my on page seo is poor. I WAS using SEO Pressor, All-in-one SEO & Yoast and the “validation” comments with these tools say I am fine with on page seo. I rank high with SEO Pressor with every page/post and Yoast is all green and happy. I’m confused.

My question: I am wondering who to trust. The SEO expert says that my keyword titles, H1, H2, etc are poor. I can’t believe that SEO Pressor or Yoast are that far off! If you have used these tools then you know they guide you and even grade you. Moving forward with creating new content…I don’t know that I can trust these tools. Honestly, I didn’t think on page seo was that hard. You make sure your title has the keyword, use title tags, sprinkle keywords, add an alt tag to your pic, make sure my page or post meta stuff has keywords.

Obviously I am not ranking well so I have a problem which is why I hired an expert but how can these tools be SO wrong?

Obviously you have problems to begin with or otherwise you would not have hired an “SEO Expert”. You claim to rank high using a lame wordpress plugin that is over priced (SEO Pressor) but yet no mention of sales that you make. SEO Pressor is SEO based on what the developer “thinks” SEO is and not what SEO really is.

You need to stop trying to take short cuts in business and start doing some manual work. Learn effective on site SEO and do your own testing. Looking for a plugin to do the work for you in a huge mistake and thus why you mention nothing about any sales. It is obvious that you high ranks are for keywords that get little to no monthly searches.

All-In-One-SEO Plugin helps with meta tags while Google XML Sitemaps helps with creating your sitemap and pinging it. These 2 plugins are great and do the job they are designed for. SEO on the other hand is something “YOU” need to do yourself and not rely upon some over priced lame wordpress plugin.

Keyword research needs to be done properly and not using Google keyword tool which is designed for adwords. Marketers Domination has a proper keyword research tool along with many other online marketing tools that can help you.


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Internet User Asks:

I hired someone to write me some high quality articles, and they are great. Now this have been submitted to the top article directories.

Can someone tell me what my next steps need to be to use this articles for traffic?

What I mean or plan to do is maybe make some video’s of them, or if someone can help me and explain how to make power point presentations that would also be great

Basically what I need is a few steps to follow with this articles, before placing another order, then rinse and repeat.

I hope you posted those articles on your own blog / site first. As for high quality many have a difference of opinion on what high quality is. Your articles should include proper spelling and grammar, semantically related words, and read at a proper grade level that corresponds to your niche, according the Flesch-Kincaid readability test.

You can take your articles and transform them into PDF and post them on scribd.com assuming they are NOT sales pitchy in any way. If you do not have a PDF creator you can always search download.com for a free a one.

You can take your articles and post the top half (a few paragraphs) to social media sites such as livejournal.com and multiply.com and other social media websites. Add a read more link and link to your article that is on your site / blog (using your keywords as the anchor text).

Videos I personally use Camtasia and I also use Keynote which is an iWork app for Macintosh computers. I am sure there is something similar to keynote on download.com that will work if you own windows.

This is just the basics, here you can find a full free article marketing plan which also explains exactly what the panda update is.


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MD Development Team releases a simple yet very powerful plugin for wordpress that can create instant backlinks and drive viral traffic to your blog. We all know that content is what makes your online business a success. There has been many discussions on how to create quality content but now how do you get that content to go viral ?

Having your content go viral could have a huge impact on your business and your sales. The MD Development Team realizes this and decided to come up with a solution to help you get that viral traffic rolling.

The below link serves 2 purposes:

1. There is a very powerful marketing lesson about magnetic content contained on the following blog post.

2. It gives you the ability to see a live demo of WordPremium Share plugin for wordpress.

Magnetic Content Is Important For Attracting Customers

Read more about this amazing plugin and start getting the viral traffic you deserve.

Or you can purchase Word Premium Share Directly From Here


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It never ends to amaze me about the author recourse box and people complaining about they do not see the clicks that they want. There are several factors involved here why you do not have those higher clicks on your resource box.

First I will cover the fact as I have many times, you must remember those article directories that many submit to have ads all over the place, this distracts your possible visitor/customer that could be going to your website. Some seem to think that the percentage of distracted people is not that high but they are dead wrong.

An article placed on an adsense farm vs being posted on an ad free article directory — The percentages could range from a low 20% to a high 60% that do not click on your link because they see something else shiny and want to know what it is.

This is “normal” human behavior because as humans we do have low attention span, this is not something made up but it is a fact. Some have longer attention spans than others but fact is we all have a limit on that attention. When we see something new and shiny we run towards it and forget about what we was doing.

This is one major reason why your clicks will be less, think about where you are sharing your content. An ad free article directory / web 2.0 site will always out perform a site that is nothing more than an adsense farm.

But — there is another major reason why your clicks are low and this may even be more important than the ads vs no ads reason above. I have seen many articles fall under the below 2 categories because people just are not trained properly enough to know how to effectively create a resource box.

#1 Some will post an article on internet marketing techniques but yet when it comes to their resource box they will try to push some email marketing or list building junk.

#2 Some will post an article about website traffic generation and then in the resource section they will post something like “I have been an affiliate marketer for X years, visit my site”. Honestly nobody cares how long you been online or how long you have been a marketer.

Read more on Formatting Articles.


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The secret to convert web traffic into web dollars starts with you building web traffic to your site. Just like in any business, you need to get customers to come to you. They keys to building web site traffic is easy once you have discovered a few simple techniques that will help you rank in search engines. Profits and web traffic are materially related and will follow each other. Increase web traffic and you increase your profits.

Proper promotion of your website will lead to more web site traffic. The keys are in the website promotion itself, and how you do it properly. Targeted web site traffic is a good example of how to properly promote. You only want to target those customers that have a need for your product. To that end, directing your content specifically to your targeted web site traffic must be your first and primary goal.

Once you have articles or content targeted to your particular audience, you need to maximize that content to reach the larger audience. Since content by itself will not drive web traffic to your site, the key to increasing web site traffic is found in putting that content to work. Syndicating your content and getting it out there on the internet is the next step to increase web traffic. Tools are available that will help you get your content out to the world.

Free web traffic is found through a basic tool known as backlink building. Using links is the best method to content syndication and increasing web site traffic. By following a properly structured system of backlink building, you can easily see an increase in web site traffic to your site. Failure to follow a quality method of backlink building will only result in less quality indexing by the search engines and ultimately result in your website not getting the traffic it should.

Aside from building links, you must also display your knowledge and authority to the search engines and the free traffic that comes to your site. Authority is very important to search engines quality, as a website with authority will rank higher. The key to becoming more authoritative is by using several different types of content, links and keywords that obviously will increase web traffic.

Additionally, having more pages indexed, backlinked and optimized will increase your web traffic simply by having search engines indexing you more often. Make a point to follow the same proper strategy to increase web site traffic, and continue to practice these methods to the goal of building more web site traffic. Determine yourself to follow the best practices in providing content, build links and show authority through the use of quality tools. That is the secret to increasing web traffic.


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Learning the trick to increase web traffic to your website is essential to making money online. Just like an offline business, online business needs targeted web site traffic. Building web site traffic is not always the most glamorous part of building your business online. However, by following some easy techniques, you can get more web site traffic. Increasing your profits goes hand in hand with increasing web traffic.

Website promotion and properly following a prescribed course or promoting your website will lead to increasing web traffic. For example, if your site is about a particular product, you want targeted web site traffic that will convert and buy, rather than trying to rank in search engines for every word possible. Therefore, targeted web site traffic needs to be your first concern. In order to find that targeted web traffic, you need to write content directed at those particular customers that will convert to dollars.

Appealing to a large audience is achieved by writing content that is targeted directly and then maximize that content. The best kept secret to increasing web site traffic is by realizing that content alone will not give you more web traffic. The next obvious step to get your targeted web traffic to your site is by using tools that will syndicate and propagate your content all over the internet.

Free web traffic is found through a basic tool known as backlink building. Using links is the best method to content syndication and increasing web site traffic. Even though backlink building is a popular trend, some marketers are teaching methods which will not work to your advantage. If you fail to follow quality procedures in back link building, you may do more harm to your site and never see an increase in web traffic.

Not only are links important, but search engines and visitors want to know that you have authority. That authority comes from additional content on your site. If you display your authority, by having additional content and related links on your site, the search engines and the web traffic visitors will see your site as more authoritative. Because the search engines are more apt to list you if you have related content and more pages indexed.

After all, if you have more pages indexed in the search engines which are related, it obviously will increase your web site traffic as people search for related terms. Make a point to follow the same proper strategy to increase web site traffic, and continue to practice these methods to the goal of building more web site traffic. Determine yourself to follow the best practices in providing content, build links and show authority through the use of quality tools. That is the secret to increasing web traffic.


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