High quality content is required to obtain rankings in the search engines. With recent updates that Google has done to it’s algorithm it has many running to produce high quality content now. Marketers Domination has offered this ability for years because we firmly believe that you should produce quality content for your readers and search engines.

There are many factors that go into writing quality content and for this reason the article content scanner was created. Quality content is not just about writing well or making sure you have proper spelling and grammar. It goes into far more details with the grade level, semantically related words, significant amount of words, and keyword density.

The content scanner will give you all these factors so you know exactly what you need to improve on your article or content. By improving your articles and content you will be showing to the search engines that you produce high quality content which will lead to increased rankings and additional website traffic.

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A internet user ask:

I know this question has been asked a many times. If I see an article on another website that I really like. Can I create a link to this article on my website with an overview of what the article is about, without the permission of the author or website?

It is always a good idea to link to an authority using part of their own content. Many in marketing get this wrong and think they need links from authority sites. Actually it is the other way around and Google does give credit to those that link to an authority source.

When linking though you need to do it properly and cite the source. To create a proper citation it would look something like this.

Internet, Otis. “Free Internet Access Is A Dream Come True” MarketersDomination :: article marketing, article directory, content syndication, online marketing tools, article distribution. MarketersDomination.com, 01 Jan. 2012. Web. 01 Feb. 2012. http://www.marketersdomination.com/Free_Internet_Access_Is_A_Dream_Come_True-6318


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Article marketing applied by writing articles that are formatted properly can be very powerful. The article marketer can increase his or her website traffic through article marketing services that are designed for search engine optimization.

Marketing articles is no different than marketing your own website. This is where many get confused about article marketing. You could use article submission sites but are you really getting the results without writing articles properly ?

Think about it you write articles on marketing or some other product or service. You write these articles based on what the general internet marketing crowd says how articles should be written. You may see some sales and think the results are fantastic.

A proven fact is the free article directory is only going to get you so far and with all the ads around your articles, your links are devalued. The link juice that should flow to your site is bled off by these ads. This is only one reason why your results are not what they should be.

Before you waste your time on article marketing services that give minimum results you should look into applying real article marketing to your business. Apply properly built article submission sites along with article marketing tools that have been proven to get results.


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